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Benefits of using a steam room in hot weather

If you’re doubtful about the benefits that steam rooms can provide in the summer, we’re here to set the record straight. Steam rooms can be incredibly beneficial to your health, even if the weather outside is humid! When it’s stuffy outside, many people compare the humidity to being in a steam room – although when it comes to the physical characteristics of steam and humidity, what you experience outside is nothing like what you’ll find in a steam room.

Steam rooms and the respiratory system

When your body is exposed to the humidity of the air, it absorbs the toxins that are lingering in the atmosphere. These potentially hazardous pollutants are not only absorbed via your skin but also when you breathe in – this includes allergens that aggravate asthma, nasal allergies, and other respiratory problems. In stark contrast, steam therapy has been proven to aid with bronchitis, asthma, and nasal allergies. It has even been found to help in the removal of mucus and in providing relief for respiratory problems. Have you noticed that after a bath or a shower you’re breathing a little easier? This is the water vapour cleansing your respiratory system!

Steam rooms and the skin

Impurities can end up clogging your skin as a result of the pollutants in the air. Did you know that toxins that affect your epidermis don’t simply cause acne and other skin breakouts; they also permeate deeper into your skin until they reach your bloodstream. Spending time in a steam room has been proven to cleanse your skin and help prevent the conditions that lead to pores becoming blocked. According to recent studies, a steam room can also help to hydrate the “stratum corneum” layers of the skin, which function as a protective barrier against toxins and bacteria. When you sweat in a steam room, these impurities can wash away, leaving you with a healthy glow and your skin feeling rejuvenated!

Steam rooms and exercise

The steam room really is the optimal post-workout recovery! It has been scientifically proven that steam rooms can help in the recovery of fatigued muscles following strength-based exercises by removing lactic acid – no wonder all the best gyms often have their own steam room! Steam therapy can also assist with joint pain and muscle flexibility, making it a great option to consider if you suffer from chronic conditions such as Arthritis.

Steam rooms and stress

 Steam rooms don’t just greatly benefit your physical health, they can really help support your mental wellbeing. Steam rooms sessions have been proven to assist in relieving tension and promoting relaxation. This happens due to the influence the steam has on neurochemicals and hormones in the body, helping produce serotonin and endorphins – both of which have significant benefits on mood. Steam therapy also has the ability to help in the regulation of cortisol levels (the stress hormone, that has been found to harm the body when it’s experiencing high levels of stress).

In summary, steam rooms are able to provide a holistic wellness experience that can help improve your body and mind – what’s not to love!

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