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Can I use my sauna in the summer?

A startingly common belief is that saunas aren’t intended to be used in the summer. This is based on the idea that saunas are fantastic for warming you up, and you’re far less likely to need warming up while it’s hot outside. Many people presume that the heated pinewood chambers in Finland, home of the sauna, provide respite from the cold Nordic winters, which they do. What they are unaware of is that most Scandinavian summer houses include a sauna.

Saunas in the Nordic regions are normally located near lakes so that they may be enjoyed in the summer, coupled with a refreshing plunge in the natural waters. Research has shown that using a sauna has benefits for your body all year round. In fact, it can make the summer heat feel a bit more bearable as it acclimatises your body to heat.

Irrespective of the time of year, a sauna can help you burn calories, lose weight, enhance your cardiovascular and respiratory health, and relax your muscles. Roman baths incorporated three different rooms of varying temperatures. These were utilised as part of the post-exercise purification ritual and were found all across the Roman empire, from chilly Britain in the north, to the scorching heat of Algeria in the south. Undoubtedly, the searing heat of the African sun did not deter Romans from using the hot rooms.

Turkish baths, which are an evolution of the Roman bath, continue to be used today, providing heated water and hot chambers to bathers in hot Middle Eastern and North African countries. Because of the multiple health benefits, the Ottomans, Norse, and Romans all used heated chambers throughout the year.  

When your body temperature rises, tension is released effortlessly from your muscles and joints. Sauna bathing also opens up your pores, aiding the secretion of metabolic waste toxins. This helps to cleanse your body, inside and out, leaving you feeling truly revitalised. With a range of traditional and soft options as a modular sauna that allows you to customise the shape, size, and design of your sauna and a large variety of ready-made saunas we are sure that we can find the right model for you.

If you’re interested in purchasing your very own sauna, feel free to browse our collection online. Alternatively, you can get in contact with a member of our team on 0208 300 4003 or    

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