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Can you use a hot tub in the summer?

There’s no doubt that more of us want to be outside in the summer. But is your hot tub really a good idea? What many people don’t realise is that your hot tub is not only a great asset during the summer months but can also help you to get more from your experience of the seasons too. You can – and should – use your hot tub in the summer, whether you’re looking for a new exercise option or somewhere to find peace on hot and busy days.

Start by turning down the heat

One of the main reasons why many people assume you can’t use a hot tub in the summer is the heat. When it’s warm outside why would you then want to jump into a warm hot tub? There are lots of different ways that you can cool down a hot tub, from simply turning down the temperature to filling it with ice. Once the temperature is lower the hot tub will be much more pleasurable to enjoy in the summer.

Choose a different time of day to use it

If you don’t want to turn down the heat – or you still find it uncomfortable –try shifting the pattern of your hot tub use instead. For example, a hot tub can be a great way to enjoy a rainy summer day when temperatures are lower and you’re looking for warmer water. You can also avoid your hot tub when the sun is at its highest and instead jump in first thing in the morning or last thing at night when the outside air is much cooler. Either can provide a great experience and help you to make the most of the longer summer days.

Seek shelter

You may be put off from using your hot tub in the summer because it’s sitting in a position of direct sunlight. Putting up some shelter around the hot tub will not only create privacy but also a much more pleasant experience, as you don’t have to deal directly with the sun. There are plenty of options for permanent shelter – such as a gazebo – that could be useful in winter too or you could opt for temporary shading that you take down when the summer ends.

Remember all the benefits

Hot tubs have a lot of benefits all year round, from helping to ease aching muscles to reducing stress levels and providing somewhere alternative to exercise in a supported environment. All of the benefits of hydrotherapy remain accessible during the summer too.

Make your hot tub a sociable space

Whether it’s a tea party with your family or drinks and a BBQ with the neighbours, your hot tub can provide a focal point for socialising. Especially when the weather is warm we all love to be around water and you can kit your hot tub out with accessories to make the experience extra fun, from drinks floats to music.

These are just some of the reasons why you can – and should – use your hot tub this summer.

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