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Can you use a sauna in the summer?

If you enjoyed your sauna throughout the winter months but now you’re planning to shut it up until autumn then you may want to reconsider. In countries where saunas are popular and in regular use they are never closed for the winter. That’s because a sauna can help to improve health and lifestyle all year round and even has some summer-specific advantages that can help you to get the most from this warmer time of year.

Yes you can still use a sauna in the summer

In fact, you should. All the benefits that you enjoyed from sauna use during the winter are still there if you continue to use it during the summer. You might have seen an improvement in your cardiovascular health through regular use, for example, or have been integrating the sauna into a fitness and weight loss plan. Your sauna might have been a key component in a relaxation routine during the winter or with respect to helping to improve respiratory function or the quality of your skin. Instead of stopping sauna use when the mercury rises we highly recommend that you continue if you want to enjoy these benefits all year round.

How can a sauna be beneficial in the summer?

Other than the year round benefits already described there are some other reasons why you might want to continue to use your sauna in the summer. It may seem odd to go from hot conditions outside to a dry heat inside and it’s true that you won’t get the same ‘warming up’ effect that you do in winter. However, in the summer a sauna is a great way to help your body to acclimatise to higher temperatures. If you regularly struggle with the heat of summer and find that you’re just not able to function when it gets hot, spending time in your sauna could help your body to adjust. This is the approach that many sports teams take if they’re going to be participating in competitions in warmer locations.

How should you adjust your sauna use in summer?

The main thing to remember is that you might be stepping into the sauna already dehydrated due to higher temperatures outside. As a result, it’s important to monitor your water consumption and ensure that you remain hydrated while you’re in the sauna and in the hours afterwards. You can also opt for a cold shower after your sauna – or invest in a cold plunge pool to dip into after your sessions. This is something that is especially enjoyable when the weather is warm outside and which will feel very refreshing after the heat of the sauna.

As we move into the summer months there are plenty of reasons to make sure you’re still using your sauna on a regular basis. From general wellness to helping you cope better with the summer heat this year, using a sauna in the summer makes a lot of sense.

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