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5 things you need to do before buying a hot tub

New year, new you – new hot tub? It’s the time of year when many of us are looking for new ideas and making an investment in a hot tub is a great way to bring something fresh into your routines in 2020. If you’re planning to buy a hot tub this year then there are five things you need to do first.

1. Go and see some hot tubs

You don’t have to buy your hot tub from a showroom but it’s often a good idea to visit one first so that you can get an idea of dimensions, style and the models that you prefer. Especially if you’re investing a lot of resources into a hot tub purchase it’s essential to research it properly first.

2. Work out where you’re going to put it

In particular, it’s important to ensure that you have a good, stable, level base for the hot tub. If you’re planning to put the hot tub on grass then you’ll need to rethink this, as it’s not an appropriate surface for a number of reasons (e.g. potential sinking). Decking can work as long as it’s strong enough to handle the weight but for most hot tubs a solid, 4-inch thick (minimum) concrete base is often the best choice.

3. Make sure you can get it there

This is the element of buying a hot tub that many people don’t consider until it’s too late – how are you going to get the hot tub into position? Most hot tubs come fully constructed, which means that you’ll need to ensure there is enough access, in terms of width and height, to get the hot tub to where it needs to be. This may mean removing some fence panels, for example, or using a crane to lower the hot tub over a roof and into position. All of this needs to be considered, and planned for, in advance.

4. Get detailed when it comes to the specifications

In particular, how many jets and pumps do you want the hot tub to have? The number and quality of pumps in a hot tub will have a direct impact on performance – investing in a well engineered system can not only increase the experience you have of the hot tub but its longevity too. Jets are also an important consideration – more jets doesn’t necessary mean a better hot tub but it’s worth looking at how many jets you want and where you want them to be.

5. How do you want to use the hot tub?

This is particularly relevant when it comes to the type of seating you opt for. For example, if it’s just for you and a partner then two lounger seats could be ideal. But if you’re planning to have friends and family over you might want a hot tub with more seats and in an upright design.

Buying a hot tub is an exciting time – these top tips will help you to ensure that you’re ready.

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