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Health benefits of cold-water swimming

Cold water swimming often takes place during the winter in pools, lakes and ponds, in water with temperatures lower than 5 degrees Celsius. With those that practise cold-water swimming regularly experiencing an increase in their life expectancy and overall quality of life, there are some major health benefits of taking a dip in icy waters. Paired with a balanced diet, cold-water swimming has been proven to improve your overall fitness. We’ve collated six of the top health benefits that you could experience once taking up cold-water swimming.

Helps to strengthen your immune system

There has been extensive research into the immune system’s response to cold water. It’s understood that as your body reacts to a change in external stimuli (the cold water), your white blood cell count increases tenfold. Over time, this helps your body build its defence against harmful bacteria and viruses. There’s a reason why people who swim in cold water don’t get sick very often.

Releases endorphins

The brain releases endorphins, responsible for feelings of pleasure and well-being, when we conduct certain activities, such as when we work out. Swimming in cold water takes us close to our bodies’ pain threshold, triggering the release of endorphins to help us deal with the pain. The release of endorphins has been proven to help those with depression or struggling with their mental health. Circulation is enhanced

Swimming on cold water has been proven to help cleanse your veins, arteries, and capillaries. In an effort to keep the body warm when exposed to the cold water, the circulatory system is forced to work harder, pushing blood to the surface, thus increasing blood flow around the body. 

It improves your libido

Historically, cold water therapy was used to suppress sexual urges. In fact, it has the opposite effect, with research proving that it actually enhances your libido as it enhances oestrogen and testosterone production.

It burns more calories

Swimming in cold water requires the heart to beat faster and the body to work harder to keep itself warm, meaning that you’ll burn more calories than if you were swimming in a heated pool. It’s no surprise that most cold-water swimmers are in good shape!

Helps relieve stress

Stress in something that most people experience on almost a daily basis and can be extremely damaging to your health. Reducing stress levels will help you feel healthier and happier and also more resilient when faced with stressful situations. Swimming in cold water puts physical and emotional strain on the body. The relationship between cold water and stress reduction has been proven in several studies, with swimmers who swim in cold water feeling naturally calmer and more relaxed.

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