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Help reduce stress in young adults with a hot tub

Rates of stress and anxiety are increasing significantly among young people. From academic pressure through to the impact of social media use, there are many influences that can be negative when it comes to how it makes children and young adults feel about themselves and the world around them. As parents, guardians or friends of young adults it’s often challenging to identify ways to help them cope with this stress – a hot tub could help.

Downtime from phone time

The current generation of young adults is the first to be going through adolescence – and beyond – permanently attached to a screen. Smart phones can have many benefits but many studies have shown that they can also contribute to anxiety and stress in young people. Many feel addicted and struggle to even put down the phone for a short period of time. This is where a hot tub can be useful – most young adults prize their phones so highly that they simply won’t risk taking it near water so time in a hot tub is phone free.

Making space for real conversations

Spending time in a hot tub with the young adults in your life creates a space for real, authentic conversations to take place. Whether you’re concerned about the impact of stress and want to have a face-to-face conversation about it, or you simply want to create a space and time to engage more with your children, a hot tub is a great environment in which to do it. Sometimes just being together in a low pressure environment can create the ideal conditions in which young people feel that they are able to open up.

Easing the physical symptoms of stress

Relaxing in a hot tub enables anyone to deal better with stress simply by reducing symptoms to provide some relief. The hot water improves circulation, for example, which can ease tension headaches that may be being caused by feelings of stress and anxiety. The warmth of the water, combined with the gentle pressure of the massage jets, triggers a release of feel good endorphins, which helps to energise and improve the mood, as well as creating the conditions for problem solving. Plus, if young people are suffering with physical aches and pains as a result of stress in the body, a hot tub can provide a lot of relief.

Emphasising the importance of taking a break

Young adults can experience a lot of stress, whether that’s impending exams or social pressure. Encouraging them to step out of whatever is causing these difficult feelings – and into a hot tub - is always positive. It’s a great way to teach younger people how to start managing stress and to demonstrate how powerful it can be to just take a break.

Hot tubs are a luxury and they can be a lot of fun but they also have the potential to contribute to better lifestyles too. If you’d like to find out more, get in touch.

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