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How can saunas help cool you down during the summer?

Using a sauna in the summer may sound a little strange, but saunas can actually help the body cool down in a number of ways – even if it’s a hot day. As the summers keep on getting hotter here in the UK, most people crave a dip in the pool and totally bypass the cooling effects a sauna can provide. Saunas are designed to alter how the body recognises heat and temperature. This is how it works…

When exposed to high temperatures, your body is put under heat stress. This causes a cascade of responses in the body. You may think that as soon as you finish your summer sauna session, you’re thrown straight back into the heat. However, this is not the case. All of a sudden, the intense summer heat isn’t as ferocious. This is because the body has already acclimatised to a higher temperature. This heat stress will leave you feeling much cooler and completely revitalised!

Typically, our immune systems are weakened in winter, but it’s great to boost it in summer too. Reawaken your immune system by combining a sauna with ice right after. Simply dipping your toes in a cool pool or putting ice on your skin can provide you with health benefits. During a sauna session, your core body temperature rises by around 1.5 degrees, which stimulates your immune system. By alternating temperatures like this, you are boosting your immune system in a very natural way, helping your body to fight infections.  

Aside from supporting your immune system, using a sauna in summer is great for your skin. Saunas are able to increase blood flow in a way that summer heat cannot. More nutrients and oxygen are delivered to skin cells, allowing them to regenerate faster, giving your skin that radiant glow. It has also been found that sauna use is a great way to delay the aging process of the skin, leaving it looking smooth and fresh.   

You’ll quickly realise that using a sauna in the summer is a game-changer, preparing your body in a way that nothing else can. It both acclimatises your body to the heat and boosts your body’s response systems. It can be understood as your training your body to work effectively when exposed to higher temperatures.

Choosing to use your sauna in the summer can assist your body to increase strength and efficiency – however you should take precautions if you are pregnant, elderly or have cardiovascular or circulatory conditions. A quick 10–15-minute session can make all the difference and help you overcome the summer heat!

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