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How can using a hot tub help you in the winter months?

When winter arrives priorities shift and we tend to spend much more time inside. The focus moves to staying healthy and warm, boosting the immune system and surviving the colder months without getting sick or suffering from SAD. If you have a hot tub at home then it can help to support you during the winter in many different ways.

A much needed immune boost

According to some research, elevating the body’s core temperature can help to provide a serious boost to the immune system. So, regularly soaking in your hot tub can actually give your body more resources to fight the seasonal coughs and colds that tend to plague us all at this time of year. The temperature should be 100 degrees or lower if you want to enjoy the immune boosting benefits of your hot tub.

Relieving uncomfortable symptoms

If you do get sick then that’s no reason to avoid using your hot tub – it can actually help to relieve some of the most uncomfortable symptoms. For example, if you’re spending time in a hot tub you’ll get a boost to your circulation and the steamy conditions can help to relieve congestion and ease the pressure on your sinuses.

Warming up in winter

The heat of your hot tub is an easy way to flood the body with warmth if you’re struggling to find any during the really cold months. Even if your hot tub is outside you can still benefit from the warmth of the water and the wealth of wellbeing you’ll feel from taking a quick dip. Plus, with an outdoor hot tub you’ll get the benefits of being away from the drying effects of the central heating and still be able to stay warm while enjoying some fresh air.

Protecting and easing muscles and joints

If you regularly suffer with stiff muscles and joints as a result of the colder weather, spending time in a hot tub can help to provide essential discomfort relief. The warm water boosts circulation, allowing blood to flow more easily around the body and encouraging muscles to relax and heal. Your hot tub can also be incredibly useful if you’re regularly working out at this time of year, both in terms of preparing your body for a session and helping to aid recovery afterwards.

Reduce stress and feel better

A hot tub is a great form of hydrotherapy, which has been proven to have a positive impact when it comes to stress. From helping your body to wind down at the end of the day so that you can enjoy a better night’s sleep, to boosting endorphins to help combat seasonal anxiety and depression, there are many ways in which a hot tub can help. You can also work out in your hot tub - light aerobics or calisthenics against the resistance of the water can be incredibly effective.

Your hot tub has a lot to offer during the winter months. From a way to beat stress to a useful workout tool, there are many ways to use your hot tub at this time of year to enjoy better living.

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