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How can you use your sauna?

Across the world saunas are not just seen as a luxury but an integral part of daily life for many people. If you’re lucky enough to have a sauna at home then there are many health benefits to enjoy as well as the blissful feeling that time spent in a warm, dry atmosphere like this can bring. Getting the most from your sauna depends on whether you know how to use it – and what for. These are our top tips for home sauna use.

Using your sauna – the basics

Using your sauna in the right way will ensure that you have an optimal experience and can enjoy all the health and wellbeing benefits on offer.

  • Prepare properly. It’s a good idea to have a shower before you take a sauna so that the surface of your skin is clean. Dry off properly and then drink a glass of water just before you’re ready to go in.
  • Dress well. In a sauna clothes can actually make the heat less effective as they will trap sweat against your skin and start to cool you down. So, wear as little as you can in the sauna. For most people this will be swimwear or just a towel.
  • Choose your spot. Heat rises and so the higher you sit in a sauna the hotter the atmosphere is likely to be. Make sure you’re sitting completely on your towel with your legs slightly drawn up towards you so that you don’t burn your skin on the surface of the sauna.
  • Start slowly. If you’re getting used to the sauna for the first time then spending two to six minutes in there for each session is ideal. You can then start building up to 10-15 minutes when you feel more comfortable and used to the heat and the way it will make you feel.
  • Give yourself time to cool down. You’ll get the most from your sauna if you go in for several rounds at a time but it’s important to make sure that you spend some time cooling down in between each one. Sit and drink some water to replace the fluids that you’ve lost, have a cold shower or take a dip in a cool pool for a circulation boost.

The way that you use your sauna may depend on what you’re looking to get from the experience. Saunas are renowned for their ability to relieve stress and relax muscles and using a sauna before bedtime can help to improve both the quality of your sleep and how easy you find it to get to sleep. Saunas will flush the toxins from your body and can be a great tool in getting clearer skin and helping your body to fight illness. They can also improve cardiovascular performance and help to burn calories.

Using your sauna the right way ensures that you have the best possible experience and that you get the most from what your sauna has to offer to your health and lifestyle.

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