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How to care for your hot tub

Every hot tub owner should adhere to three golden maintenance rules. By understanding and following these rules, you’ll be able to steer clear of having major issues with your spa.

It's critical to know the make and type of your hot tub. It's much easier to get parts and service when you have this information on hand. It's also beneficial to have a copy of your spa's "vital statistics" on hand. These factors include the hot tub's water capacity, age, and any unique water issues (such as hard water) that you may have while maintaining it.

Let’s dive in (so to speak)! Think of your hot tub as a mini swimming pool as it requires the same basic care. Our top three hot tub maintenance rules are:

  1. Maintaining good water circulation.
  2. Follow a Basic Hot Tub Cleaning Routine
  3. Balancing your water chemistry.

Maintain Good Hot Tub Circulation

Circulating the water helps keep it clean by running it through the cartridge filters in your hot tub. Your spa may include an automatic circulation cycle that guarantees it runs once or twice a day, depending on the model. These cycles circulate the water for 15 to 20 minutes (or longer) to guarantee that all of the water in your tub is filtered. If your hot tub doesn't have an automatic cycle, make sure you run it for 15 to 20 minutes twice a day to keep the water fresh.

Follow a Basic Hot Tub Cleaning Routine

Scum can form in both indoor and outdoor hot tubs, but if yours is outside, keep an eye out for debris like leaves, wind-blown rubbish, and even a stray rodent. For a clean hot tub and to avoid potential water problems, keep the waterline and seats clear. A weekly cleaning of your spa's shell and jets with a sponge and some white vinegar can keep things tidy. Scrub the scum line at the water's edge with it as well.

Make sure to clean your hot tub's inside as often as possible, and don't forget to wipe off the shell as well. While you're at it, wipe down the hot tub cover with a 10 percent bleach-to-water solution to prevent mildew.

A weekly clean is an important part of hot tub maintenance. However, empty your spa fully every three to four months for a deep clean, and more often if you use it frequently or have a lot of guests in it

Balance the water chemistry

Balancing the water in your hot tub is comparable to balancing the water in a pool. However, before you add anything to your spa, you'll need to get a baseline assessment on the chemistry of the water. Once your hot tub is full, test the pH and alkalinity levels in the water.

A pH range of 7.4 to 7.6 is ideal. Below this range, the pH will be too acidic. The water will most likely eat away at your hardware and irritate your skin and eyes. Above the range, the values will be too basic. The water will degrade the effectiveness of your sanitizer and cause cloudiness.

By following these golden rules, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and money. Our award-winning team of engineers are also on hand to help support you in the maintenance of your spa. Explore our stunning range of hot tubs on our website or enquire via telephone on 0208 300 4003.

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