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How to Create the Perfect at Home Spa Experience

The idea of a spa experience has always been to soothe the mind and body and help you to find some peace away from the worries of life. But there’s no reason why you need to pay for an expensive spa package when you can easily do this for yourself at home. When you have a hot tub it’s entirely possible to create the perfect at home spa experience - here’s how.

Preparing yourself and yourself for an at home spa experience

  • Make sure you put the time aside for this essential self-care so that you don't have to rush or worry about being interrupted. Put your phone away so that you don’t get distracted.
  • Set up the environment. This will include ensuring that the hot tub is at the right settings and creating the right aesthetic, whether that’s with LED flameless candles or aromatherapy and relaxing music.
  • Think about what you’ll need post-spa. That could be a big fluffy dressing gown to get into, somewhere to lie down and make the most of the relaxation or even a delicious snack. Get all these ready in advance so that when it’s time for the spa experience you can just enjoy.

An at home spa experience should soothe both the body and the mind

So make sure that you take both into account when you’re planning this experience for yourself. Start with the body..

  • Spend some time soaking in your hot tub and enjoying the relaxing benefits of the jets.
  • When you’ve been in the water for a few minutes try some relaxing stretches to help ease out any tension from your muscles and joints.
  • Use the steam from the hot tub to help with any skin issues. It will naturally help to detoxify your skin but you can help this along with some soft facial massage.
  • Spend plenty of time sitting back and relaxing in between these so that you get the full experience of the warm water and the jets and the way this will help release any stress.

And then move onto the mind..

  • When you’re soaking in the hot tub, close your eyes and begin to focus on your breathing. You can try some breathing exercises to help increase the relaxation - ensure that your exhale is longer than your inhale to help ease you into a more relaxed state.
  • Try doing a body scan while you’re in the hot tub. Close your eyes and think of each part of your body, moving from your toes all the way up to the top of your head. In each area try to focus on what you’re feeling and if there’s any tension there, encourage it to release.
  • Use some meditation techniques. For example, you could imagine your mind is like the water in the hot tub, constantly flowing and at ease. Or you could listen to a guided meditation while you relax in the water.

If you want to create the perfect at home spa experience then your hot tub is an essential part of this. As a family-operated business encompassing two generations, we have over 50 years of combined experience selling and servicing hot tubs, swim spas, pools, saunas, gazebos and steam rooms. We love what we do because we love the lifestyle that comes with owning a luxurious hot tub or swim spa. Get in contact with a member of the team today to explore our range of fantastic products.

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