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Women in warm hot tub during the winter

How to enjoy your hot tub during the winter months

Often we tend to associate hot tubs with the summer. However, they are actually a great asset during the winter too. No matter what the weather is doing there is still a lot of pleasure to be had from sinking into a tub of warm water – and your hot tub could also make winter easier to survive. So, how can you make sure that you enjoy your hot tub in winter this year?

Use your hot tub for seasonal aches and pains

At this time of year the cold can get right into your joints – but a soak in a hot tub can heat you up from the core outward. Hydrotherapy has been used for centuries to help reduce pain from inflammation and increase circulation in the body. This can be incredibly effective when it comes to warming up stiff joints or promoting healing if you’re getting over an injury. Regular use of your hot tub in winter can help you to minimise some of the discomfort of this time of year.

Get out in your hot tub whatever the weather

If it’s blowing a gale you may not want to be outside. And, if you don’t have a covered area for your hot tub then rain may not be that appealing. However, the cold itself shouldn’t stop you from using your hot tub – in fact, it’s likely to enhance the experience. When the air is cold, and even if there is snow on the ground, you can stay toasty warm inside the hot tub and still enjoy the al fresco experience.

Make it part of your celebrations

Whether it’s a Christmas party or a New Year’s Eve event, your hot tub can be a great place to bring people together socially at a special time of the year. Just make sure that you have enough towels for everyone and that people get warm quickly when they get out.

Prepare your hot tub for winter

Instead of draining and covering over the tub until next summer get it ready for use during winter instead. That may mean cleaning and replacing the water and ensuring that you’re following the same schedule of maintenance that you would during the summer. You might also want to consider a few winter additions to the hot tub area to make the experience even more enjoyable. That could be heated towel rails, mats to stand on when you get out or somewhere to hang a cosy robe so that you can get warm as soon as you’re out of the water. You may also need to consider:

  • A winter cover to help preserve heat and energy
  • A freeze protection system to ensure the pipes stay clear
  • Checking the water level every day – if it gets too low the pumps and heater may stop working and the water could freeze
  • Turning off the air jets when you’re not in the hot tub to avoid cold air being pumped in

It’s easy to enjoy your hot tub during winter. From soothing aches and pains to hosting celebrations, hot tubs can be an essential part of the coldest season of the year.

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