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How to enjoy your hot tub this autumn

This time of year is fantastic for many things – cosy jumpers, long walks in crunchy leaves and… hot tubs. If you found the summer a little warm to really enjoy your hot tub and winter is often uncomfortable getting in and out of the water then autumn is perfect. Whether you choose to enjoy your hot tub on a misty autumn morning or a sunny late afternoon this time of year is ideal if you have a hot tub at home. So, how can you really make the most of it?

Have a movie night

In a couple of months our outside spaces will get less use so now is the time to really make the most of yours. Outdoor movie night is a great way to enjoy the warm water and being outside. If you don’t have a TV in your outdoor area then you can hook up a bed sheet and a projector to create a giant screen. Just add popcorn and your friends (or not) and you’re good to go!

Throw a hot tub party

Halloween is the ideal occasion to celebrate with a hot tub party this year. Although you’ll have to bear current COVID restrictions in mind you can still enjoy a sociable eve on autumn’s spookiest occasion. Get creative with the Halloween themed treats and decorations to make sure your evening really goes with a bang.

Combine your hot tub with autumn favourites

Whether it’s a pumpkin spiced latte or crumpets and jam there’s no reason not to enjoy all your favourite things about autumn from the comfort of your hot tub. Create some time to take your coffee outside on an autumn day and get all the hydrotherapy benefits of the warm water, combined with the open air and the positive impact of a few moments with something you really enjoy.

Get cosy

This time of year is great for getting cosy, enjoying the calmer pace of life and carving out some space to take a step back and relax. A hot tub is a great place to do this in autumn as it’s relaxing and somewhere that you can have some serious ‘me time.’ For many people this means getting into a book and enjoying it with your favourite beverage – we’d recommend a brand new thriller and some hot cider for a seasonal treat.

Enjoy an early start

Autumn mornings can feel very special and your hot tub is the ideal place to enjoy these. You might want to take a pen and paper outside with you and engage in a bit of bird watching. Or this could be the perfect time to just sit and notice your surroundings as the seasons change. If you’re struggling with the motivation to get up as the mornings get darker try a dip in your hot tub to help you out of bed.

These are just some of the ways that you can get more from your hot tub this autumn.


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