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How to find your perfect hot tub

There are many benefits of a hot tub, from beauty to wellness and recovery, mean that they are becoming an increasingly popular home purchase. Whether you’re looking for a hot tub as somewhere to socialise or to enjoy the physical benefits of hydrotherapy, finding the right hot tub is key. When you start looking for your dream hot tub these are the key questions that you need to ask.

When do you want to use it?

Hot tubs are ideal for cooling off in the summer and warming up in winter. Even if there’s snow on the ground you can still enjoy all the benefits of your hot tub. Think about when you’re planning to use the hot tub so that you can find the right model – all year round or just when the weather is warm or cool?

Where will the hot tub be?

One of the benefits of a hot tub is that even the smallest spaces can accommodate one. Think about whether you’re planning to put the hot tub indoors or outside and where you want to position it. If it’s indoors then you may need to allow room for ventilation. For an outdoor hot tub you might want to consider creating decking or a gazebo to take advantage of a view or create privacy.

How much do you want to spend?

There is a hot tub for every budget, from those that deliver the perfect hydrotherapy experience to models that have all the added extras. It’s always worth looking at what the next price up will buy you in terms of design and extras, just in case a little more spend could mean you get a lot more added value for your money.

How much maintenance are you prepared to do?

Hot tubs do need some maintenance, especially if they are in regular use. This isn’t something that you have to manage if you don’t want to – you can opt for a cleaning and maintenance package or choose a self-cleaning hot tub that will do most of the work for you. Most hot tubs will require you to test the water quality a couple of times a week and clean the filters at least once. The hot tub should be cleaned at least once a month and will need draining and refilling three or four times a year.

Is your set up practical?

In particular, you’ll need to consider:

  • Hot tubs need a strong and structurally supportive surface on which to stand, whether that’s inside or out.
  • To fill the hot tub you’ll need an easily accessible water source nearby
  • Electricity supply is key – most hot tubs are fine with a 110-volt electrical outlet but if you’re planning to buy a higher end design this may need a more powerful supply.

Finding the right hot tub for you is all about asking the important questions. From hot tubs for relaxation to larger models for family fun there are lots of great options to choose from.

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