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How To Get Your Garden Prepared For October

At this time of year we’re still enjoying the last rays of summer sun. Yes, there might be a chill in the air but it’s still very enjoyable to be outside. That’s why it’s such an important time to ensure that your outside spaces are a great place to be and that you can enjoy them right up to the moment when the winter really kicks in. With that in mind here are a few tips on how to get your garden ready for October.

Look for ways to add warmth

During the summer months it’s fine to recline on chairs or sun loungers and simply bake in the warmth. But, if you’re outside at this time of year, then you might need a little help. Look for ways to bring warmth to your outside space for Autumn, whether that is investing in a patio heater or simply adding some cosy throws and blankets to seating areas so that you can sit outside and enjoy the season more.

Stock up on fire

You might have a firepit or space for a bonfire - this is a great time of year to bring fire to your outside space, both for warmth and aesthetics. It can also be a very useful way to dispose of fallen branches etc in the garden. So, make sure that you’ve got all the fuel and equipment you need to do that, whether it’s firelighters or kindling and wood.

Prep your hot tub

A crisp autumn day can be the ideal time to really make the most of having a hot tub at home so make sure that you’ve carried out some seasonal maintenance and ensured that your tub is ready to be enjoyed.  For example, you can use a garden hose to spray down the outside and make sure that you’re regularly cleaning and changing filters and water purifying systems. If you’ve committed to a regular maintenance programme throughout the year then your hot tub will already be a great asset in October. That’s because the hot tub is already insulated and designed to keep heat in so, as long as you’ve kept it in great condition, it will already be primed and ready for use.

Plant for next year

October is a perfect time to start preparing your garden for spring - and this can be a cheering thought if you don’t particularly look forward to the darker days of winter. Plant some bright spring flowers, whether that’s tulip bulbs or daisies, so that you know your outside space is going to be ready to bloom when the spring comes again.

Take care of the basics

In October the leaves start to fall and that can mean your outside spaces require more attention before they can be enjoyed. Clear wet or slippery leaves from stairs and patios and don’t forget to give the gutters some attention too so that they don’t cause problems later in the year.

Enjoying your garden - and hot tub - into the autumn is simple when you know how to prepare at this time of year. We also offer servicing and post-sales care for all of our customers to make sure that our customers get the best out of their hot tub. We are proud to have a multi-award-winning showroom located in Kent, so please come down and try out our huge range.

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