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How to use spas & hot tubs safely in the winter

There are some great reasons to use a spa or hot tub during the winter months. From warming up on chilly days to providing a space for unique socialising and applying hydrotherapy to aches and pains, continuing to use your hot tub or spa all year round is definitely the right choice. But what do you need to consider when it comes to safety at this time of year?

Don’t drastically increase the temperature of the water

It can be tempting to boost the heat in a hot tub or spa at this time of year to make things extra toasty but this isn’t recommended. The temperature of the water should never be higher than 104 degrees Fahrenheit and you should ensure that you don’t stay in the water for longer than usual. For a healthy adult a 15-minute soak is ideal – anything longer than that and you risk becoming light headed or could even suffer from heat stroke. It’s difficult for the human body to regulate its temperature when in water, as perspiration can’t happen. So, it’s essential that you’re attentive when it comes to water temperature and time immersed.

Take care of the cover at this time of year

Make sure you have a well fitting, high quality cover that will provide both protection and insulation. Try to regularly clear debris or snow from the top of the cover, especially if you’re about to take it off the hot tub or spa. Be careful when you’re removing the cover so that no damage is done and you don’t end up with ice and snow or dead leaves etc in the water.

Wear a hat

It may sound odd to wear a hat while the rest of your body is immersed in warm water but this will actually help you to better regulate your temperature. It’s almost impossible for the body to do this if your shoulders and neck are very cold and your lower half is warm. A hat can help to even this up and give your body more of a chance to regulate normally.

Prepare to get out before you get in

Hot tubs and spas are often outside and so there is a real need during the winter to ensure that you don’t get cold once you’re out of the water. Prepare for this exit before you even get into the water – put towels and a robe nearby or make sure that you have quick and easy access to somewhere that you can get dry and warm. You might want to wear shoes if the ground between your home and the hot tub is likely to be hard and cold – sandals or slippers are ideal. If the weather is icy make sure that whatever you opt for has decent grip so that you don’t slip.

These tips are designed to help you enjoy your spa or hot tub safely all year round, even during the winter months.

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