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How to use your hot tub during the winter

There are different ways to use your hot tub during the winter months. You may want to drain it and keep it under cover for most of the colder season - or you may want to be able to take a nice warm dip even through the chilliest months of the year. Whatever your preference you need to make a decision now about how you’re going to use the hot tub during winter and then take steps to get it ready.

Keep the hot tub on?

There are many good reasons to keep your hot tub running during the winter, from enjoying the feel-good benefits of the jets and warm water when the world feels cold and grey, to the hydrotherapy that can help you to recover from injury or winter stiffness. It’s worth remembering that a lower outdoor temperature means that your hot tub will have to work harder to sustain its heat so this could mean an increase in energy bills. If you know you want to have access to your hot tub throughout the winter then you need to do the following before the season really starts:

  • Change the water and do a comprehensive clean. It’s well worth draining the hot tub and cleaning it thoroughly before the temperature dips too low. It’s hard to change the water in freezing temperatures and cleaning isn’t much fun either so do this now before winter really sets in.
  • Check your cover. A good hot tub cover can help to retain heat so that you keep your energy bills under control. It will also ensure that the water remains clean and debris-free. So, do a thorough check of the cover for any cracks or damage and replace it if necessary. You may also want to consider adding a thermal blanket under the cover, as this can be even more effective when it comes to keeping the heat in.
  • Regularly review the water level. If the water level in your hot tub plummets then the filter and pump can shut down. This will leave you with a hot tub full of frozen water that can do serious damage. Make sure you keep the water level topped up to avoid this situation.

Shutting your hot tub down for winter

If you do decide that you want to shut the hot tub down until next year then you’ll need to start by draining the water and flushing the hot tub out. You need to get as much moisture out of the hot tub as possible but just in case you don’t get it all make sure you loosen the fittings too. Clear the jets, replace the filters and give the hot tub a deep clean so that it’s ready for use again when the weather starts to warm up.

Whether you decide to keep your hot tub on through the winter months or shut it down until spring there are lots of little jobs you can do now to make sure that you get to enjoy the hot tub as you want to in the months to come.

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