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How to use your sauna properly

Using a sauna is easy, but are you truly making the most out of the possible health benefits that relaxing in a sauna can provide? We’ve put together a comprehensive guide that will detail how you can best benefit from sauna use and answer some of the most frequently asked questions that we get from our clients.

The correct way to use a sauna

  • Shower and dry yourself before entering the sauna. This is because dry skin sweats more quickly than moist skin.
  • If this is your first time using a sauna, we’d recommend spending roughly 8 to 10 minutes relaxing
  • Once you’re in the sauna, use an underlay towel to keep your body from touching the wood. The higher you sit in the sauna, the hotter it becomes, so if it’s your first time using a sauna, you might want to start with a middle or lower bench.
  • Each heating session in the sauna is followed by a cooling session. The best way to improve circulation is to gently lead the cold castings from the ankles upwards towards the heart. Make sure you use cold water to make the most of the Kneipp effect, helping to support your circulation.
  • You should wait rest for around 30-45 minutes between sauna sessions.

Why should you take a cold shower after using a sauna?

When the skin is cooled by a cold stimulus such as a shower, your blood pressure rises causing your body to work harder and training your cardiovascular system. This is a great exercise for those with naturally low blood pressure, however you need to ensure that the cooling is severe enough to make the most out of the effect.

Have you considered sauna infusions?

During infusion, the levels of humidity quickly rise and for a few minutes the heat becomes even more intense. The infusion should be started after the second sauna session. Essential oils should only be used sparingly and should be diluted to prevent a causing a fire hazard. The soothing effects are intensified by the fragrances.

With a range of traditional and soft sauna options available, such as a modular sauna that allow you to customise the shape, size and design of your sauna and a large variety of ready-made saunas we are sure that we can find the right model for you. Get in contact with a member of the team today to explore our range of products

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