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How to enjoy your hot tub during the summer months

As the seasons change we all tend to fall into different habits and shift to lifestyles that embrace the change in temperature and weather. When you have a hot tub at home the summer can be a great time to get the most out of it. Even when the mercury rises there are still lots of ways to enjoy your hot tub during the summer months as much as you do in the winter. No matter where you are your hot tub can still support fun and fitness right through the hottest part of the year.

Get in when it rains

If you’re not that keen on using your hot tub when the temperatures are high then take advantage of rainier days. When rain falls the temperature drops and you might find that the hot tub is a more comfortable experience for you. It can also be incredibly romantic sitting outside and listening to the rain fall – ideally you’ll have a fairly robust cover over your hot tub so you can do this without the raindrops falling into the hot tub itself.

Make your hot tub a truly sociable space

Summer is a great time for being sociable and if you have a hot tub you can make it a focal point for this. A few changes in the area where your hot tub sits could turn it into the perfect spot for an al fresco movie night for example or somewhere to enjoy a few cocktails with friends. Some models have technology that will enable you to connect a home entertainment system to your hot tub controls (e.g. via Bluetooth) so that you can change volume etc without getting out. Add fun extras like spa pillows and lights to create atmosphere or a sense of occasion for a party.

Opt for a soak early or late

Early mornings and late evenings are the ideal time to enjoy your hot tub in the summer, as the temperatures tend to be lower. It can be incredibly refreshing to start the day in your hot tub, finding a moment of calm before work and responsibilities begin. Equally, the warmth of the water is ideal for winding down at the end of a busy day, especially if you have a good view of the sunset.

Supporting your workout

If you’re looking to maintain your beach body throughout the summer months – or you’re just keen to get fitter – a hot tub can be very useful. The warmth of the water, combined with well placed jets, can help to ease the tension in muscles and get you ready for your next workout session. Warm water also helps to improve circulation, which can be essential for speeding up recovery.

If you want to enjoy your hot tub during the summer months then a few changes to the way that you use it can introduce a whole new range of lifestyle benefits. From hot tub parties to somewhere to relax after a hard day at work, your hot tub in summer is a great place to be.

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