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How to make the most out of your hot tub this summer

Hot tubs are becoming increasingly popular for use in the summer months. While it’s easy to see how enjoyable a hot tub could be after a day of exposure to cold temperatures or up in an Alpine environment in winter, there are also lots of benefits to using your hot tub during the summer too. If you want to make the most of it this year then here are our tips.

Turn the heat off

Your hot tub will likely have options for temperature settings and you can easily reduce this so that the water is tepid or even cool. If this is still too warm then simply turn the water heater off and enjoy the jet and spa function of the hot tub without the heat. This means you’ll get all of the hydrotherapy benefits of the hot tub just at a lower temperature. It’s essential to ensure you keep the cover on if you want to do this as when the water is exposed to the sun it will start to heat up.

Jump in when the sun is down

Switching up the times that you use your hot tub is also another simple way to get the most from it in summer. Rather than enjoying the hot tub during the day, have a morning soak instead when the air is still cool and the day has yet to begin. Many people also enjoy a cooler session in the evening when the sun has gone down – this can be a great way to relax after a hard, hot day.

Find ways to keep yourself cool

When you’re using the hot tub in summer there are lots of options for making sure that you don’t overheat. One of the simplest is just to limit the amount of time that you spend in the water to 10/15 minutes per session and then give yourself time to cool off before getting back in. You could also create a spa experience for yourself by jumping out of the hot tub and into a cold shower or paddling pool full of iced water. Something as simple as a cold washcloth on the forehead also works well.

Enjoy yourself

Set up your hot tub so that it’s a space designed for relaxation and fun. That might mean adding lights and music or a projector screen nearby so that you can have a hot tub cinema night. Accessories such as inflatable pillows and glass holders can make it even easier to sit back and relax with a cold glass of something delicious at the end of the day. Just remember to stay hydrated if you’re drinking alcohol and don’t stay too long in the heat of the day if the hot tub is unshaded, as skin can still burn through water.

Your hot tub is a great opportunity to find more ways to have fun, relax and improve your lifestyle without even leaving the house this summer.

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