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Is it expensive to run a hot tub?

A decade ago the answer to this question might have been yes. However, today – thanks to advances in technology and a more energy efficient approach – it doesn’t have to be expensive to have a hot tub at home. This is everything that you need to know about the cost of running a hot tub.

Different hot tubs use energy differently

The amount of energy that your hot tub uses will largely determine how much it costs to run. There are many different variables involved in this, including the size of the hot tub that you choose, the climate where you live and how well insulated the hot tub model is that you opt for. Whether the hot tub has a well fitting cover is also another key consideration. For any hot tub you will see a small uplift in your electricity costs – this could be as little as £20 a month.

Factors that affect the cost of running a hot tub

  • How often you use it. The more you use the hot tub the more energy it will need to supply and this tends to use more electricity.
  • The quality of the hot tub and the extent to which it is maintained. If you buy a good quality hot tub that is well insulated and has a well designed cover it should use less energy. Regularly maintaining it, for example ensuring filters are kept clean, will also mean the hot tub doesn’t have to work harder to function.
  • Changing the water too often. Depending on the model you may need to drain the hot tub and then refill it two or three times a year. Each time you do this it will cause a small increase in the cost of the electricity required to heat up the new pool of water. If you change the water more often than this – or have a model that requires more regular draining – then your electricity bills will be higher.
  • The size of the hot tub. As you might expect, more energy is required to power a larger hot tub than a smaller one. However, this shift is not as dramatic as you might expect. For example, a hot tub that is almost twice the size might cost just an additional £10 to run per month.

How can you keep the costs of running a hot tub down?

As well as regularly cleaning and maintaining your hot tub and buying an efficient model, there are other ways to keep running costs down. For example, don’t turn the hot tub off when it is not in use. It’s much more efficient to keep the hot tub running at a lower temperature between uses than to turn it off completely and then require the whole system to heat up again every time you want to use it. The right cover can also make a huge difference – if it’s well fitted and robust it will stop heat escaping, which means it’s easier to maintain a constant temperature.

Your hot tub doesn’t have to cost a lot to run – there ways to ensure that you get to enjoy it efficiently.

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