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Is it possible to lose weight with a hot tub?

If, like many other people at this time of year, you’re currently focused on losing weight, having access to a hot tub could help you achieve your goals. There are many benefits to shedding pounds, from improving your confidence to increasing sporting ability and general enjoyment of life. It’s essential to take a healthy and gentle approach to weight loss so that it’s sustainable, and a hot tub can help you to do that.

Losing weight with a hot tub

It is actually possible to burn calories simply from using a hot tub – for example, you’ll burn 3% more calories from a hot tub than you would by sitting on the sofa. However, these direct weight loss benefits are relatively modest compared to the other ways in which a hot tub can support you on your weight loss journey.

Using a hot tub for exercise

The resistance created by the water in a hot tub can significantly increase the impact of any exercise that you do while you’re in it. The buoyancy of the water supports your muscles too so there is much less chance of injury. Try yoga in a hot tub or opt for a homemade work out including exercises such as bicycle crunches and calf raises.

Getting better sleep

As anyone knows who has ever tried to remain motivated after a night of insomnia, sleep has a huge part to play in how committed you can be to a healthier lifestyle. Lack of sleep has been found to contribute to an increased appetite, as well as cravings for sugary snacks, which can make it difficult to remain within weight loss goals. Plus, lack of sleep can leave you feeling too tired to train. However, if you’re able to spend 15 minutes in a hot tub each evening you can prepare your body for sleep and enjoy a better night’s rest as a result.

Minimising stress and maximising effort

Stress hormones, such as cortisol, can destabilise plans for healthier living, for example by interrupting sleep patterns and increasing the potential for stress eating. Cortisol has also been linked to increased body fat and reduced muscle building. In a hot tub the combination of hot water and targeted hydrotherapy jets helps to relax muscles and slow breathing, gradually bringing cortisol levels down.

Recovery and reward

For most people, getting in shape involves a combination of diet changes as well as a new exercise regime. Any form of increase in physical activity can cause aches and pains that may make you feel like you don’t want to get back to the gym/running track etc for the next session. The warmth of a hot tub increases blood flow around the body, stimulating recovery and repair and can be very effective as part of a healing and cooling recovery process. It’s also a motivational and calorie free reward – looking forward to a hot tub session is a great way to push through your next workout.

These are just some of the ways in which a hot tub can help you with your weight loss journey this year.

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