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Is it Possible To Put a Swim Spa in The Ground?

Swim spas are the perfect option for those looking to use water resistance exercises as part of their workout routine, but don’t have the space for a full swimming pool or are time-poor and can’t get to the local public swimming pool.

One of the best things about having a swim spa in your back garden is that you can swim as far as you like every day without actually covering much ground – think of it like a treadmill, but for swimming! This makes them fantastic for exercise, improving your stroke and staying fit.

Swim spas work by using an internal current system that lets you swim on the spot. What’s more, swim spas can be effectively heated, making swimming outdoors throughout the year possible. To add to the workout benefits that swim spas deliver, you can also use them as a hot tub. The built-in hydro water jets provide a soothing massage that makes the perfect warm-down after a swim.

What Should You Consider When Installing An In-ground Swim Spa?

One of the first things you need to bear in mind when you decide on how you’re going to landscape your swim spa is that if you choose to install your swim spa in the ground & you decide to move house, it will require quite a bit of work to excavate it to take it with you. You’ll also need to consider the maintenance and service practicalities of an inground swim spa.

It’s vital to ensure that the swim spa is installed on a solid level platform that can handle both its weight when filled with water and people. This will require a floor loading of significantly more than 500kg per square meter. Additionally, concrete retaining walls must be built and waterproofed appropriately so that groundwater doesn’t enter the internal components.

A drainage channel with float-switch-driven pumps is also necessary with their own RCD supplies to protect the home’s electrical system from being tripped if an issue arises. Another important factor to think about is the electrical connection location. In order to protect it from potential flooding, it must be placed as high above the recess floor as possible. Another consideration is ventilation, as the pump motors must be kept cold.

Partially In-ground Swim Spas vs Fully In-ground Swim Spas

You can partially bury your swim spa by building a deck all the way around it. If you don't want to deal with the expense of a full excavation, or if it's simply not possible to build the swim spa totally inground owing to geographical considerations, a raised deck is a fantastic compromise.

While excavation for a fully in-ground swim spa can be expensive, the benefits are generally worthwhile. Once installed, the in-ground swim spa can be tastefully incorporated into your garden design. This could, for instance, be a rockery, a lawn, or natural stone. If it's raining while you're swimming, you might want to set up a canopy or some privacy screening.

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