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Keeping a Good Maintenance For Your Outdoor Sauna In Winter

Winter is a wonderful time to have access to an outdoor sauna. Not only can your sauna be instrumental in helping to encourage relaxation during stressful times but it has some great health and wellness benefits too. At this time of year, conditions can sometimes be challenging so it’s vital that you have good maintenance habits in place when it comes to your outdoor sauna in winter.

  • Make sure you prepare your outdoor sauna exterior for the winter months. The exterior of the sauna provides a protective shell so it’s crucial that you look after it well. That could include treating the wood with a wood penetrating oil to sustain the natural look, pressure washing to remove dirt and debris and treating the windows and doors to avoid deformation.
  • Prepare your outdoor sauna for the first use in winter. When you warm up the sauna for the first time in winter it’s a good idea to treat it as a trial run and not use it. This is especially important if the sauna is brand new. Start getting used to ventilating the sauna after every use so that you don’t get mould or unpleasant odours forming.
  • Get into a monthly cleaning routine. You only need to spend 15 minutes a month cleaning your sauna to help extend its life. The cleaning routine should include sweeping out dirt and dust, using a fine sandpaper to tackle and scuff marks, mopping the floors and wiping the interior over with a soft cloth. It’s important to avoid any harsh, chemical cleaners as this can damage the sauna. Instead, opt for a mix of baking soda and warm water or white vinegar and water.
  • Take care of the wood inside the sauna. It’s the wood that has a big part to play in creating the right experience for the sauna, as well as ensuring that you get the most from it. If you live in a hard water area then you might want to avoid using water from the tap as this can create a lot of limescale build up. Don’t ever stain or treat the interior of the sauna - this is for the outside only. It’s also vital not to eat or drink in the sauna, as this can ruin your investment if it is spilled.
  • Create the right routine for sauna care every time you use it:
    • Before getting into the sauna, wash your feet so that you don’t take dirt and debris inside with you. It can also be useful to have a quick shower.
    • Keep plenty of fresh towels handy to soak up sweat and water and avoid stains. Don’t forget to remove these when you’re done.
    • When you’ve finished your sauna, wipe down benches to remove moisture, drain the water bucket and leave the door open so that moisture can clear from the sauna.

It’s a real luxury to have an outdoor sauna in winter and this is the kind of maintenance that will ensure you can continue to enjoy yours.

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