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Our guide to hot tub temperatures

Too hot? Too cold? Or just right? No one wants to get into a hot tub that isn’t the right temperature. The majority of hot tub users will opt for a temperature of between 36°C and 38°C. However, the perfect temperature is determined by a number of factors from body temperature to weather conditions.

How to find the ideal hot tub temperature

The main factor that determines the perfect hot tub temperature – personal preference. It’s widely regarded that 40°C is the highest acceptable hot tub temperature and the industry-accepted maximum, with anything above that considered dangerous and should be avoided.

When it comes to the temperature of your hot tub, a good place to start is with your body temperature. The standard settings for most hot tubs will be around 38°C (slightly above the average body temperature). This tends to be the most comfortable temperature for users as it also allows room for the temperature to drop, which occurs naturally when individuals enter the water.

Why hot tub temperature is important

Ensuring that your hot tub is operating at an optimal temperature is crucial to avoid potential health hazards.

  • Safe hot tub temperatures during pregnancy

It goes without saying that you should be cautious when using your hot tub during your pregnancy. Even a 10-minute soak can raise your body temperature above 38°C. The general advice is to avoid hot tub use when pregnant, especially during the first 12 weeks, due to the risk of overheating and dehydration.

If you want to use a hot tub while pregnant, consult your doctor or midwife in advance about the safest way to do so. Some medical professionals may advise that you keep the temperature below 35°C and keep the duration under 10 minutes.


  • Safe hot tub temperatures for kids


Hot tubs are not recommended for children under the age of 5. If your child is over the age of 5, we recommend a slightly lower temperature of 35°C as children are less able to regulate their body temperature.


It’s incredibly important to supervise children at all times when using a hot tub & ensure that they are regularly drinking water to avoid dehydration.


  • Health risks associated with heat


Hot tubs are a great way to soothe aches and pains associated with arthritis, back pain and fibromyalgia. Using your hot tub when ill can lead to problems such as heat exhaustion, heat stroke and heat rashes. Prolonged exposure to heat can aggravate pre-existing chronic conditions.

Hot tubs and the weather

Being able to alter the temperature of your hot tub is a great way to get the most out of your spa throughout the year. In the summer, lowering the temperature will provide a cool, refreshing boost, while in the winter, you can sink into the warm water while watching the steam rise into the crisp air.

  • Hot tub temperatures during the winter

The majority of people will use their hot tub during the winter months. We usually recommend maintaining a temperature of 38°C in your hot tub – this temperature will keep you comfortable and will assist in protecting your hot tub during the colder months.

  • Hot tub temperatures during the summer

Hot tubs aren't just for the winter; they may also be used to cool off throughout the summer. We recommend experimenting with temperatures between 29 and 35°C to discover the most comfortable temperature for you, depending on how cool you want the water to be.

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