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Our top 7 health benefits of using your hot tub

Health and wellbeing are top of the list for many of us right now, not just because it’s the start of a new year but also as the pandemic has made looking after ourselves even more important. A hot tub is not just a luxury but also offers a wealth of health benefits that can enhance your wellbeing this year.

Maintaining flexibility and range of motion

Weather, ageing and injury are just some of the reasons why our bodies can start to feel stuck and inflexible. A hot tub provides a simple way to improve mobility and range of motion, helping to reduce inflammation thanks to the pressure of the water and relieve muscle tension due to the buoyancy of the body in water.

Easing the pain of sore muscles

Maybe you’re sitting for much longer than you’re used to - or perhaps new activities and exercise have left you with some discomfort. The combination of warm water, buoyancy and the massage jets can relieve this pain, release knots and help you to recover more quickly.

Improving sleep

Multiple studies have found that spending time in a hot tub before bed can improve sleep, not just in terms of being able to get to sleep but the quality of sleep too. Muscles and nerves become more relaxed in the hot tub, making it easier to let go of the day and the train of thought that might potentially keep you awake. A hot tub is also a great place to spend time with the loved ones in your household - this kind of connection can help to make you feel safe and calm, which sets you up for a better night’s sleep.

A way to deal with lower back pain

Many of us will suffer from back pain at some point and this can be incredibly uncomfortable, making every day activities such as exercise and shopping feel almost impossible. A number of studies have now established that hydrotherapy - such as in a hot tub - can help to improve back pain, triggering a significant reduction in symptoms, either when used alone or in conjunction with other treatments.

Relieving chronic conditions

Arthritis and rheumatoid arthritis can be very painful conditions that cause joint swelling and pain as well as limited range of motion. Spending time in a hot tub can reduce pain - one study involving osteoarthritis patients found this took just two weeks - and help to relieve tension and joint tenderness.

Coping with fibromyalgia

Hydrotherapy can also be very beneficial for a condition like fibromyalgia, which causes sufferers to feel chronic pain and fatigue and often endure disrupted sleep. A hot tub can help in many ways, from improving sleep quality to helping to encourage focus and concentration and reducing pain.

Dealing with stress and anxiety

Especially at the moment stress and anxiety levels can be high. You may be adjusting to working from home, coping with homeschooling or the after effects of illness. A hot tub can be very beneficial here - the warm water is soothing and the massage effect of the jets can help to ease out tension in muscles. Because the water creates buoyancy your body will literally feel supported and this can provide the space you need to let go of whatever may be causing you stress and find a moment of calm.

These are just some of the many benefits that regular use of your hot tub can bring. Contact our sales team today to see how we can assist you with finding the perfect hot tub for your home...

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