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Our top 10 reasons for using a sauna in the summer

Summer heat can already feel like a sauna so why would you then want to use your home sauna on top? Here are 10 very good reasons why we think that sauna use in summer is actually a great idea.

  • More endorphins. Studies have found that sauna sessions release endorphins (feel good hormones) in the same way that exercising does. Whether you have an injury that means you can’t be that active or you’re just looking for an additional endorphin release in each day, spending time in the sauna could help you to get it.
  • Better skin. Sweating is the primary way that the body rids itself of toxins and this is something you’ll do in abundance in a sauna. This, combined with the increase in circulation can help to detoxify, remove dead skin cells, improve skin elasticity and release any tension, leading to overall improved skin condition.
  • Reducing stress. Just because the sky is blue and the sun is shining that doesn’t mean that life suddenly becomes carefree. Your sauna is a calm and quiet space where you can relax into the heat and let the cares of the day simply melt away.
  • Managing the heat of the summer better. Spending time in the sauna can help you to adjust to hotter days – nothing outside is likely to feel as warm as the 20 minutes you spend in the sauna heat.
  • Better pain management. Whether you suffer from a condition such as arthritis or you have sporting aches and pains from a new workout routine a sauna is a great way to help ease this out of your body. The warm environment has been found to work wonders on aching muscles and joints.
  • Supporting weight loss and fitness. As your heart rate rises in a sauna this can be a very effective way for the body to burn calories as your metabolic rate gets a boost. Whether you’ve been eating too much banana bread in lockdown or you’re looking for ways to supplement weight loss routines a sauna can be a useful tool.
  • A boost to your immune system. Especially right now most of us are looking for any opportunity to increase internal immune support. Sauna time not only helps to clear airways thanks to the steam but also tricks your body into thinking you have a fever, which will trigger the release of white blood cells to fight off any infection.
  • Relaxation and pain relief. Heat can have an instant impact on any inflammation in the body that may be responsible for discomfort and pain. It also provides a boost to circulation and helps muscles that may have been rigid to relax.
  • Event training. If you’re planning to take part in an event in the summer – whether this year or next – a sauna could be a useful part of your training. Regular sauna use can help you to acclimatise to the heat so that your performance doesn’t dip when it’s warm.
  • Holiday feels. The summer can feel chaotic and uncomfortable and your sauna can be a relaxing space in which you can escape, sit back and chill out as if you were on holiday.

From a relaxing space to a healthy environment, your sauna is a great place to be this summer.

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