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Relax Your Mind And Body with Steam Rooms

We are entering what can be a very busy and stressful time of year for many. Whether you find your body struggles with the clocks going forward, or the run up to Christmas is especially busy for you, it’s vital to be able to find a way to relax your body and mind. Steam rooms offer a simple and effective way to do this. Spending some time in a steam room a few times a week can have a really transformative impact where relaxation is concerned. Here’s how:

  • A great way to release tension. The impact of being in a steam room is to soothe the body. Nerves are calmed and your muscles will naturally relax, helping to release the tension from all over your body. Spending time in a steam room can also help to reduce joint pain and has even been found to release the pressure of tension headaches.

  • Sweating out the toxins. When our body feels cleaner and lighter, we do too. Being in a steam room activates one of the body’s most powerful cleansing systems - sweating. Sitting in a steam room for just 20 minutes can eliminate the toxins and waste products from an entire day, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready to rest.

  • Improving skin quality and removing impurities. Sweating also helps to deal with conditions like acne and can improve skin quality. It also gives circulation a boost and this can result in a healthy, rosy glow thanks to the steam alone.

  • Feel good chemicals are released. When we’re in a steam room the conditions trigger the release of the body’s endorphins, which are essentially feel good chemicals that can make it easier to deal with pressure and stress. These help us minimise the impact of stress and are the reason why you’re likely to feel calmer leaving the steam room than when you went in.

  • A great post-workout routine. A steam room is not only a great way to relax after you’ve completed a workout and reward yourself for that self-discipline and commitment but it will also help to aid a quicker recovery for your muscles. When muscles are relaxed like this during the recovery process they grow more quickly, which is essential for achieving those vital gains.

  • Helping to shift water weight. Steam rooms can even help us with weight loss, which can significantly help to reduce stress. Although it’s no substitute for exercise and a healthy diet, spending time in a steam room can minimise the water weight that you’re carrying - which makes a real difference.

  • Easing sinus problems. At this time of year, many of us suffer with our sinuses. Everything from central heating to colds and viruses can irritate the sensitive sinus area. Being in a steam room opens and thins the mucus membranes all around the body. This means you’ll instantly be able to breathe more easily and relax more.

From a physical tension release to the positive impact on sinus problems and water weight, steam rooms are a great way to improve health and wellbeing, to switch off and relax.

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