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The benefits of swimming daily

Whether you choose a pool, a home swim spa or a body of wild water, swimming is a great commitment to make to your health. There are many benefits to getting into the water, from those that affect your resilience and fitness to the mental health boost that comes from activity and cold water. Swimming daily could be the best choice that you make for yourself in 2021 - here’s why:

It’s enjoyable

For any activity to be sustainable there needs to be a reason that you return to it again and again. Swimming is not just a great way to get fit but can also be very sociable and can help you to relax even during stressful times. You’ll start to notice the impact on your body quickly if you’re keeping up your swimming every day and so the sense of achievement will be strong.

Swimming has many physical benefits

When you’re swimming you’re getting a serious workout, often using all the muscle groups in the body but without the high impact you’d get if you were running or lifting weights. While your body doesn’t feel this impact stress swimming is an activity that increases your heart rate, burning calories and increasing fitness. It can improve your physical endurance and cardiovascular fitness and also tone and build strength in your muscles. Swimming is a great way to maintain your health not just in terms of weight and strength but also the function of your lungs and heart.

But that isn’t where the benefits stop

Yes you’ll get fitter and healthier if you’re swimming on a daily basis but that’s not the only way that you’ll benefit from committing to this activity. Swimming can help you to better manage stress, providing a time out from your daily life and making you feel more relaxed as it’s often a very peaceful activity. Swimming can also improve your physical condition and flexibility, as well as balance and posture. And if you’re swimming every day then you’re also likely to be able to use it as therapy for any injuries or existing conditions.

Swimming tips for 2021

  • Decide where you want to swim and then look into what you need to swim there. This is especially important if you’re going to swim outside - for example, if you’re river swimming then you may need a tow float and river shoes.
  • Be safe. If you’re not a confident swimmer then it makes sense to choose to swim in a lifeguarded pool.
  • Take some lessons. Swim teachers are available for swimmers of any age - learn for the first time or get some tips to brush up on your technique.
  • Build up gradually. Like any exercise you can over exert yourself if you go for it too hard initially so build up your strength gradually and set realistic targets for progress.
  • Remember to rehydrate. You may not notice how hard you’re working as you can’t see sweat in water but you should always refuel and rehydrate after a swimming session.

These are just some of the benefits that you’ll see from swimming daily. Contact our sales team today to see how we can assist you with finding the perfect swim spa for your home...

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