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The ultimate guide on how swim spas work

You may not think it, but it is possible to swim on the spot whilst still being able to improve your stroke and enjoying a full body workout. When you consider the purpose of a treadmill for runners, a swim spa serves the same purpose for swimmers!

How do swim spas work?

Swim spas feature an integrated current system that supports swimming in one spot. This is done through the use of a jet pump or propeller which continually pushes water towards the swimmer, creating a current to swim against. With a similar make-up to that of a hot tub, water enters the swim spa through filtration and suction inlets. The difference is that the water moves at a much faster rate.

What features do swim spas have?

At The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company, we stock an extensive range of swim spas which all have different features. Let’s introduce you to some of our bestselling swim spas and some of their great features.


The AquaSport encompasses the benefits of both a hot tub and a swim spa! This model is great if you’re looking for an exercise space as well as a place to relax, with distinct zones for each. It’s also part of our self-cleaning range, which means you’ll have more time for yourself rather than on maintenance.


The AquaTrainer is the model for you if you want a highly sophisticated swim spa with a deep tank. This is one of our most advanced models, with its ergonomic design, and wealth of features such as hydrotherapy seats with zone therapy.


The AquaStream comes with electronically controlled twin jets alongside dual performance low intake which substantially reduces the reflective wave effect. These features can revolutionise your workouts. What’s more, you’re able to adjust the resistant swim current to your liking and enjoy a lower body massage from the thigh abductor jets. It also comes with two full-body massage chairs! – What more could you ask for?


If you’re serious about swimming, The Executive Sport swim spa is regarded as one of the most advanced swim spas on the market. Its unique Current Collector and V-twin jets optimise water flow, letting you swim with far less turbulence than models from other manufacturers. In need of a well-deserved massage after your workout? The ExecutiveSport’s hydro-massage jets will help your whole body relax whilst supporting your muscles and joints.

If you’re considering purchasing a swim spa for your home, call our showroom today on 0208 300 4003 to speak with a member of our dedicated sales team who can answer all your questions and queries about our range of swim spas

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