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Top 10 reasons to getting a swim spa

Whether you’re looking to increase the value of your property or improve your experience of daily life, a swim spa can make all the difference. These are the top 10 reasons to have a swim spa in your life.

The right size for any space

If you’d like to have a pool but really only have the room for a hot tub then a swim spa is the ideal compromise. You’ll be able to exercise as if you had a pool and enjoy the benefits of hot tub hydrotherapy too. Swim spas are designed to fit most spaces and to be easy and quick to install.

All the benefits of a swimming pool

Although the swim spa is much smaller than a pool you’ll still be able to enjoy all the benefits. A current is created in the water by the swim spa and you can swim against this or use it to exercise in other ways, such as walking or jogging against it.

All the advantages of a hot tub

Many swim spas have the same features as a hot tub does, including massage jets and ergonomic seating, so you have the combined benefit of a pool and hot tub in one.

Access to hydrotherapy

Humans have used hydrotherapy for centuries as it’s incredibly beneficial for the body. It can be particularly useful if you’re recovering from an injury or in the treatment of chronic conditions, such as arthritis.

Soaking in a swim spa has lots of benefits

From the advantages of exercise to improving sleep and helping to ease aches and pains there are lots of very good reasons to get into your swim spa on a regular basis.

It’s just so convenient

If you’re the kind of person who struggles with exercise motivation then having a swim spa on your property could be life changing - no more excuses as all you have to do is jump out of bed and into the pool.

Improving the aesthetics of your outdoor space

Add some decking and flower beds around the swim spa, as well as loungers and even a bar space and your outside area suddenly becomes a seriously enjoyable and good looking part of the property.

Effective, low impact exercise

Thanks to the weightlessness of the human body in water, swimming is a very low impact exercise when it comes to the effect on muscles and joints. However, it’s high impact with respect to the way it can improve fitness, tone and burn calories. Plus, the water in the swim spa adds resistance so you can achieve even more from your workout than you would on land.

All year round use

You can control temperature in the swim spa so that it’s comfortable all year round - or get into cold water swimming and let the temperature drop in the winter months.

Somewhere to learn the basic skills

If you’re keen to learn to swim - or anyone in your family wants to acquire this skill - having a swim spa at home makes it easy. You don’t need to deal with open water until you’re ready or have people around you until you’ve built your confidence up.

A swim spa is a great asset to any home, adding to the aesthetics and providing a wealth of opportunities for a lifestyle upgrade.

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