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Top 5 reasons why swimmers love the spring

As we turn the corner into spring, the days start getting longer and the nights start getting warmer, and the idea of getting into a swim spa begins to sound even more appealing. As swimmers we love this time of year, when the temperature beings to rise and we can spend time in a swim spa more frequently. It comes as a welcome relief after months of bitterly cold temperatures. However, there are many more reasons why spring is a swimmers’ favourite month, aside from just the weather! Check out these top 5 reasons why swimmers love the spring:

We get to trade our woolly hats for swimming hats!

The time has finally come to put away the scarves, gloves, and woolly hats and trade them in for goggles and a swimming hat. This change in accessories couldn’t come quick enough!

Diving into the water feels refreshing

As the spring months arrive and the sun rays start to increase our body temperature, diving into a cool, calm swim spa can be one of the most refreshing experiences. After a tiring day at work, a quick dip in the swim spa can be the ideal thing to do to let off some steam. You’ll be the envy of all your friends when you’re able to treat yourself to a dip in your swim spa on a warm spring evening, or a crisp morning.   

We start to get a bit of a tan

As temperatures start to increase across Britain and you choose to swim outside, whether that be in an outdoor swim spa, pool, lake, or river, you might even end up getting a spring glow, as UV light levels start to increase. Spring swimming not only makes you feel great, but it makes you look great too!

New swimsuit season

We can’t deny the fact that the new ranges of swimwear is one of the most exciting things about this time of year. When you look great, you feel great and you perform better too. So, treat yourself to that new swimsuit this spring!

More light means fewer swims in the dark

This is another one for all you outdoor swimmers! You can finally go for an after-work swim in your swim spa and not be splashing around in total darkness! Longer days mean more hours available to really enjoy your swim spa.

All in all, spring is a great time to get yourself back into swimming, if you’ve taken time away from it during the winter or are a complete novice to the entire experience. As the weather gets better and the nights become longer you’ve got much more freedom to ensure you’re swimming as frequently as possible.

If you’re an avid swimmer, you should consider purchasing your very own swim spa for your property - so that you have around-the-clock access to the sport that you love! Take a look at our full range of swim spas here.

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