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Top tips for hot tub usage this winter

Winter is a fantastic time to use your hot tub. Whether you’re really feeling the cold, looking for new ways to enjoy your garden or improve your wellness, a hot tub in winter has a lot to offer. It’s important to make sure that you bear in mind the different way that you’ll use the hot tub during the winter months, both to get the most from it and to make sure that you look after it. These are some of our top tips.

Consider keeping the jets turned off

You can still get a lot of benefit from a soak in the hot tub without the jets on and if you’re keen to keep your bills down this can really help. Every time you use the hot tub jets they release air into the water and this can lower the temperature. So, to keep your hot tub at optimal temperature in the winter months, use the jets less or turn them off.

Invest in a good cover

If you don’t already have a robust cover for your hot tub then now is the time to invest in one. The cover has a big role to play in keeping your hot tub hot as it traps warm air inside. If it is thin or damaged then it won’t do a very good job of helping to ensure your hot tub maintains the right temperature. Make sure that the cover is sufficiently insulated, that it fastens securely and that it’s not bowing or rising.

Monitor the water level

Using the hot tub in winter means being aware of the impact that cold temperatures can have on it. If the water level gets too low in the hot tub, for example, components such as pumps and pipework could freeze. So, it’s essential to regularly check that there is enough water in the hot tub to keep things moving - making sure it’s cycling with the circulation pump on a regular basis will ensure that everything continues to flow.

Don’t forget the cleaning

You may not be using your hot tub as frequently during the winter months as you might in the summer so it’s easy to let things slide where cleanliness is concerned. Leaving the hot tub without this type of maintenance may cause damage and also means that it won’t be ready for whenever you want to use it. Clean down the parts of the shell that aren’t submerged with a damp cloth, regularly replace the filter and make sure you change the water when necessary.

Create a winter hot tub experience

That may mean ensuring that you have warm robes to put on afterwards and drinking plenty of water - you’ll still be sweating even though the air is cold. Limit the time that you spend in the hot tub to 20 - 30 minutes and warm up straight away after you’ve got out so that you’re not getting too hot and then too cold.

A hot tub in winter can be a fantastic way to make the most of your home as long as you know how to use it at this time of year.

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