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Using a hot tub in the summer

Can I use my hot tub in the summer? This is a common question and one to which there is a very simple answer: yes. Hot tubs can be enjoyed all year round, providing a warming experience when it’s cold outside and offering some major benefits when the temperature rises. Whether you’re looking to use your hot tub to de-stress, to help with injury recovery, as somewhere to socialise or for the benefits of hydrotherapy there are plenty of ways to ensure that you can enjoy all this throughout the summer too.

Cool it down

If you find the hot tub too warm in summer then the simplest option is just to turn it down. You can try out the water at different temperature or simply turn the heating function off and use the hot tub as a cool plunge pool with jets. Leaving the cover off over night will help to lower the temperature further (although be sure to put this back on in the morning as exposure to hot sun will heat the water up).

Add some shade

In the winter you may not be concerned about sunlight – in fact, you might be grateful for it when you’re in your hot tub. However, when it’s hot outside there is the risk of burning and the strength of the sun can make a hot tub feel like an uncomfortable experience. Adding some shade around your hot tub is an easy fix for this. Portable umbrellas and sun shades instantly block the sun and will make your space feel cooler.

Enjoy the bad weather

Few of us wish for rain in the summer but if you do get a cooler, drizzly day then this can be a great opportunity for a new experience in your hot tub. As long as there is no risk of lightning then a hot tub in the rain can be a really enjoyable experience.

Opt for different soaking times

If you’re keen to avoid your hot tub during the heat of the day then try jumping in when the temperature is cooler. You might find that an early morning session really sets you up for the rest of the day, helping you to find a few precious moments alone and providing some space for contemplation in the cool of the morning.  In the evenings your hot tub could be the ideal place to cool off and relax with family or friends.

Socialise your space

A hot tub can be a great place for a party. Even if not everyone is in the hot tub, having the option of a dip can make an event feel relaxed and unusual and give people a reason to attend, especially if they don’t have their own hot tub at home.

At this time of year there are even more reasons to make sure that your hot tub is ready to use. From enjoying rainy summer days to inviting friends and family to share the experience there are lots of ways to use a hot tub in summer.

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