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Using a sauna in the summer

Of all the things on your list to do this summer, using your sauna may not be up there. However, there are lots of good reasons to suggest that continuing with sauna sessions during the summer months is a very good idea. In fact, those who stop using their saunas at this time, or don’t use them consistently, often report feeling less well. A sauna can continue to deliver all the benefits that you usually enjoy, as well as a few more, and you don’t need to do much to adjust to summer use.

The benefits of sauna use in summer

Whether you’ve been using your sauna to support a weight loss programme, to help improve the condition of your skin or to help manage chronic pain, there is no reason why you shouldn’t continue to enjoy these benefits during the summer. You might also find that sticking consistently to your sauna sessions enables you to do more in summer weather, as the sauna will help you to acclimatise to the heat more easily. If you’re training for an event or activity due to take place in the summer a sauna may be an essential tool, as it can prepare your body to perform well in hot conditions.

Switching to summer sauna use

When the warmer months of the year roll around you can still continue to enjoy your sauna – these are our tips for getting the most from it.

  • Take a shower before you have a sauna. Sunscreen can clog your pores and reduce the detoxifying impact of the sauna. Plus, when you start to sweat this can end up in a greasy, slippery mess on the floor.
  • Make sure you’re hydrated at all times. In summer we’re more likely to get dehydrated and this can be compounded by sweating in a sauna. It’s always advisable to ensure that you get enough hydration during and after a sauna session and in the summer this is even more important. Adding a little salt and honey to your water or choosing coconut water can help to ensure that you replace the electrolytes that sweating can drain from your body.
  • Jump into some cold water after your sauna. Whether it’s a cold shower or a chilly plunge pool this can feel really refreshing. It will also have the effect of pushing blood back to your essential organs and closing the pores on your skin.
  • Don’t overdo your sessions. Stick to the 20 minute limit in the summer and get out of the sauna if you feel dizzy or sick at any time. If you want to extend your sauna use in summer then wait long enough in between sessions so that you have stopped sweating and cooled down before you get back in.
  • Create a new experience for yourself. That might be some summery essential oils, investing in an ice room or a massage chair to follow your time in the sauna.

Using your sauna in the summer is a great way to make the most of the sauna and the season.

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