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What are the benefits of using your spa in the winter?

If the arrival of winter makes you want to retreat inside and put the cover on your spa for six months then you’re not alone. Few of us enjoy being out in the colder weather – however, if you have a spa then there are actually some great benefits to continuing to use it at this time of year.

Use the spa to help fight illness

Coughs and colds are very common at this time of year and can be difficult to shift. If you have a spa then using it could actually aid your recovery thanks to the effect of the warm water on your body’s circulation. Blocked sinuses can be eased by the steamy environment, which may help to take the pressure off your chest and lungs. In fact, a dip in your spa can help you to feel a lot better generally – the only time you need to avoid it is if you have a temperature.

Aiding rest and recovery

Winter is also a time when many of us suffer from aches and pains – the cold can really get into your joints and make muscles stiff. This could be problematic just in terms of moving around on a daily basis if you have a condition such as arthritis. It may also make exercise more difficult and increase the risk of injury if your body isn’t warm when you start. Your spa has an obvious role to play here too, helping to soothe the seasonal aches in muscles and joints and providing a very effective way to warm up before exercise.

Create a space in which to switch off and relax

It’s very easy to get over stimulated at this time of year. Many of us spend a lot more time in the winter inside and tend to watch a lot more TV and be more sedentary. End of year pressures can also create stress, as can imminent seasonal celebrations. If you have a spa then you can use it to create a space where you can find some essential moments of peace and relaxation at this very busy time of the year. Added extras, such as heating lamps or a thick rug can make the experience cosier while you enjoy the fresh air and time away from screens, devices and other people.

Using your spa in winter – top tips

  • Make sure you can get dry quickly after you’ve been in the spa. Retain the benefits of the experience by ensuring you’re not going to be sitting around in swimwear afterwards.
  • Clean and service the spa regularly. Keep up the cleaning schedule as you would during the summer months and change the water before temperatures really start to plummet.
  • Reduce jet pressure. Sometimes the air from jets can lower water temperature so it’s a good idea to turn them down.
  • Be sensible. Limit your soak to 20 minutes maximum and don’t be tempted to stay in even if the air outside is cold. Always remember to hydrate afterwards.

There are some fantastic benefits to using your spa in winter. From helping to alleviate the symptoms of a cold to providing somewhere to relax, this is a season in which your spa can be incredibly useful.

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