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What are the health benefits of sitting in a sauna?

It may be news to you, but there are some incredible health benefits that you can enjoy from simply sitting in a sauna! Using saunas as a form of therapy has been popular for years, largely as a way to relax in a stress-free atmosphere.

After being used across Finland, you can now find saunas in spas and homes around the world. Check out these 5 surprising health benefits that you’re likely to experience next time you decide to take some me-time and relax in the sauna.

Increased Circulation

One of the best benefits you can expect from relaxing in a sauna is a dramatic improvement in your circulation. When your body is exposed to heat, your heart begins to work harder, allowing your blood vessels to expand, enabling blood to flow more freely throughout your body. This is so important as it helps promote your overall health, supporting your body when dealing with muscular pains – great for fitness fanatics and athletes! Using a sauna can also enhance joint movement, allowing you to walk about more freely. Oh… did we mention that better circulation can aid in reducing arthritic pain? All in all, using a sauna is great in promoting overall body functionality and mobility.

Reduces the risk of developing heart disease

 Sauna use has been found to support a healthy heart. A 20-year study conducted in Finland monitored participants and their sauna usage. Their results showed that those who relaxed in the sauna at least once a week were much less likely to suffer from cardiovascular disease or cardiac arrest. This is due to the fact that using a sauna mimics moderate exercise in most people. While a sauna should not be used in place of a regular exercise routine, it can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Support a weight loss programme

There is a myriad of weight loss fads these days – but many people overlook the positive impact sauna use can have on weight loss. Research has shown that the increase in temperature, increases your heart rate when you’re in the sauna – with some people burning up to 500 calories after 20 minutes. This is the case as your body’s metabolism increases in a similar way to when exercising. Again, it isn’t a good idea to supplement sauna use for exercise, but it can certainly support you on your weight loss journey.

Flush toxins from the body

As many jobs are sedentary and involve sitting behind a desk, most people don’t sweat on a regular basis. This means that toxins in the atmosphere such as lead, arsenic, and cadmium that your body has absorbed end up getting trapped deep in the skin. You’re able to sweat away those toxins by spending time in a sauna. It's a simple and safe approach to reduce the harmful effects of these substances in your body.

A great reliever of stress

There are several reasons why saunas are great stress reliever. Firstly, when you choose to relax in a sauna, you are isolating yourself from the outside world. With no phones, laptops or tablets to distract you, you’re able to fully relax and unwind. Reason number 2 has to do with the release of endorphins. With an elevated heart rate, endorphins are produced at a higher rate, allowing you to feel great whilst you relax.

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