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What temperature should my sauna be?

The short answer is, it depends. The temperature of your sauna will be determined by the type of sauna you choose and its features and amenities. In this article we’ve broken down the recommended temperatures for each sauna type and some of the great features that come with them.

Traditional Saunas

When we talk about traditional saunas, we’re usually referring to Finnish or smoke saunas which use wood, gas or electricity to power them. Most commercial saunas use electricity to heat them, making them quite powerful. Originally, a wood-burning furnace was used to heat the rocks in this sort of sauna. They work on the premise of producing steam after pouring water over the stones & is believed to have great benefits for your lungs, sinuses and skin. The Finnish Sauna Society recommends that sauna temperatures range from 80-90 degrees Celsius.

Infrared Saunas

Unlike some traditional saunas, infrared saunas are completely powered by electricity and use infrared heating panels to generate radiant heat. Infrared saunas do not heat the space around you; therefore, the required temperature can be lower, often between 38-65 degrees Celsius, with most experts recommending a temperature towards the higher end of this range. Since the temperature in an infrared sauna is more tolerable, your sauna sessions can last longer than in a traditional sauna.

Portable Saunas

The portable sauna is one of the most advanced forms now available on the market. It warms the surface of your skin with infrared heating panels and radiant heat. Because most versions are basically portable infrared saunas, the required interior temperatures are between 38 and 65.5 degrees Celsius. This option is worth considering if you want to buy your own sauna, especially if you enjoy travelling. You can take it with you everywhere you go and enjoy from the sauna's benefits.

Steam Saunas

In comparison to the traditional or infrared sauna, the steam sauna operates in a completely different way. They feature a steam generator, which boils water instead of using dry heat to warm you. Because this sort of sauna is completely airtight, the humidity level can hit 100%, but the temperatures are lower than in a traditional sauna. The steam sauna's usual temperature ranges from 32 to 49 degrees C, but the humidity may make it feel warmer.

Each type of sauna has great benefits for the body. Depending on the level of heat and moisture you prefer will have an effect on the type of sauna you choose to purchase. The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company ensures the process for you designing and customising your sauna remains hassle-free, leaving you with peace of mind throughout the process. We remain completely flexible regarding all elements of the design from size, to shape to positionings, making your dream sauna come to life. Get in touch today to explore our range of saunas.

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