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What can a hot tub do for you?

Hot tubs are fun and a great place to socialise. However, that’s just one of the many benefits of having a hot tub at home – there is a lot more that a hot tub can do for you if you use it regularly.

  • Improving wellness. Hydrotherapy – water therapy – has been a foundation of wellness for thousands of years. You can enjoy this in your hot tub, which has a range of benefits. For example, soaking in your hot tub can help aid sleep, sending the message to the brain that it’s time to switch off and relax for the night and improving the quality of sleep. Time in your hot tub can also boost your immune system – the warm water increases your internal temperature and the body’s natural reaction to that is to release white blood cells, which defend the body against disease and infection.
  • Dealing with tension and stress. It’s easy to under estimate the impact that stress can have on the body and on quality of life. Being regularly stressed out can lead to debilitating diseases and may cause painful conditions, such as tension headaches and tense muscles. The warmth of the water in a hot tub, combined with the buoyancy and the jets creates the perfect environment in which to relax and wind down, no matter what is going on, making it easier to find moments of calm when stress doesn’t permeate.
  • Benefits for your blood. Studies have found that regular hot tub use can help with blood sugar management. The increased flow of blood that happens when you’re in a hot tub means that more blood reaches the muscles and stimulates the breakdown of sugars. You’ll also find that being in a hot tub on a regular basis can help with blood pressure. While you’re in the hot tub your heart will pump faster pushing blood around the body at an increased rate. Blood vessels dilate in response and this helps to minimise the pressure on the arterial walls.
  • Recovering from an injury. Whether you’re a professional sportsperson or you’ve tried a new workout on YouTube and ended up with an injury, a hot tub can be a very effective part of a recovery routine. The increase in blood flow around the body that the hot tub triggers can speed up injury recovery, meaning you’re back on your feet more quickly.
  • Pain relief. From the pain of a chronic condition to dealing with discomfort from injury or stress, a hot tub is a great way to manage pain relief. Easy movement in the water can help to stimulate blood circulation so that oxygen can reach injured cells and the release of endorphins that is triggered helps to minimise uncomfortable feelings.

A hot tub can be a wonderful place for enjoying yourself but also has a lot of practical uses too – these are just some of the ways in which your hot tub might be able to help you.


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