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What can your hot tub do for your body?

A hot tub is often viewed as a life enhancing luxury and it’s true that there is a lot the right model can add to your lifestyle. However, what is often overlooked is just how many health benefits you could enjoy with a hot tub in your life. There is a lot that a hot tub can do for your body that you may not previously have considered.

Better sleep

Almost three quarters of us say that we just don’t get enough sleep. The consequences of this can range from feeling tired and grumpy to making mistakes and suffering from anxiety. A hot tub is one way that you can improve your sleep patterns and quality. Stepping in to the tub before bed can set your body up for sleep by increasing relaxation and encouraging tense muscles to release.

Hydrotherapy and stress

So many people suffer from stress today and it’s easy to develop unhealthy habits in response to it, such as overeating or drinking too much. Hydrotherapy is one option that is very effective and works quickly – the body’s autonomic nervous system equals out when it is enveloped in warm water. This can help to bring stress levels down and provide a break from anxiety.

Soothing sore muscles

Painful muscles could be the result of a chronic condition or the impact of a new exercise regime. Spending time in a hot tub is a quick and simple way to help tackle this on a regular basis. The heat from the hot tub helps to encourage better blood flow around the body while the jets can bring relief by massaging your muscles in a targeted way. Particularly as part of a regular routine, a hot tub has a lot to offer in terms of soothing sore muscles.

Mental health issues

Anxiety and depression are very commonplace today. Particularly given the recent uncertainty that many of us has suffered with respect to work and life in the wake of COVID-19, anxiety levels have shot up. This can make it difficult to sleep, work and get the most out of your life. A hot tub is a great tool for dealing with anxiety. The warm water helps to calm the nervous system and features such as LED lights and integrated Bluetooth speakers can be used to create an atmosphere in which it’s easier to let go of troubling thoughts and find some peace and space.

Joint pain

Problems such as arthritis can be incredibly painful and affect a large number of people, especially as we get older. Swollen, painful joints may be very debilitating and make every day life feel hard. A hot tub can offer relief from this, as the warm water will help to bring down swelling and inflammation – this helps with pain management at the time and can also continue even after you’re no longer in the hot tub.

These are just some of the ways in which a hot tub has a lot to offer for every body.


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