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Why should I get a swim spa?

Swim spas have become a game changer when it comes to the opportunities that are available for people who want to swim at home. If you’re looking for a more compact and economic option than a full size swimming pool - with all of the advantages of a pool at home - then a swim spa could fit the bill precisely. Whether you’re keen to find a new way to exercise or looking to enjoy all the other benefits of hydrotherapy there are some very good reasons to consider getting a swim spa for your home.

  • Easy to use in most spaces. Swim spas don’t require a huge property with extensive room to build a pool and they are much easier to install too. Plus, a swim spa is very simple to use - when you’re in the water you start swimming against the current system at a resistance that works for you.
  • Swim spas are designed with exercise in mind. If fitness is your goal then a swim spa is a great idea because these are pools that are designed to help you achieve all your objectives. You can have a great workout in a swim spa whatever level you’re at and it’s simple to adjust the way that you use it so that you can set goals, improve, recover and achieve.
  • Versatility is built in. You can choose to simply swim against the current in your swim spa, varying it depending on the workout you want that day or the training programme you’re working to. There are also many other ways to use your swim spa, including using the acqua fitness step that most models have built in or using accessories such as resistance bands or dumbbells to help optimise your workout.
  • Enjoy the relaxing benefits of hydrotherapy too. Whether you’ve been exercising in the swim spa or elsewhere you can soothe tired muscles and relieve aches and pains by spending time in hot water. Many swim spa models also have a hot tub built in so you can get some massage jet action too.
  • Supporting stronger immunity. Sweating and exercise - as well as the use of massage jets - can all combine to have a really positive impact where your immune system is concerned. Staying healthy is crucial for all of us right now and a swim spa can play a part in this, as exercise activates antibodies and white blood cells and can help your body to fight infections.
  • Helping to manage stress. Whether you are struggling with work and homeschooling or just generally feeling the pressure of national restrictions and a lack of freedom, a burst of exercise in the swim spa could be just what you need to release that negative energy. Swimming is a full body exercise that requires concentration and activates all your muscles. It can relieve tension, physical and emotional, and help you feel refreshed and ready to take life on again.

Whether you’re keen to get fit - or looking for ways to wind down - having a swim spa at home can enhance your life experience in many ways.

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