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Why should you use your hot tub in the winter?

Along with everything else that’s going on in the world right now winter is here - there’s a lot for all of us to cope with. This season means cold weather, darker days and potentially even snow. Your hot tub can become something of a sanctuary in this season, providing somewhere you can get away from all the busyness of the world and just relax. It’s also a great way to get the most out of your garden all year round. If you’ve been wondering whether you should use your hot tub in the winter these are some of the best reasons to make sure that you do.

Warm up and stay cosy

Especially if you’re not a fan of the cold your hot tub can be a great place to get warm and defrost. Turn the heat up to 40 degrees celsius and make sure that your hot tub cover is robust and effective so that most of the heat is being retained. Make sure you have warm robes and slippers within reach to continue the cosy effect when you get out.


New Year’s Eve could be a bit of a non-event for many people this year but if you have a hot tub then you can still have an unusual celebration. Watch the fireworks from your hot tub with a glass of fizz and ring in the new year in style.

Enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy

At this time of year we can all start to suffer more from stiff joints, aches and pains, whether that’s as a result of the weather or new exercise regimes. Your hot tub provides very effective hydrotherapy thanks to the powerful jets and warm water, which will reduce the inflammation of conditions such as arthritis and help muscles to relax.

Ease colds and sinus problems

If you’re suffering with illness this winter then try a session in your hot tub to help ease the effects. The warm steam is fantastic for helping to clear sinuses, especially if you add a little eucalyptus oil. Steam inhalation is one of the most natural treatments for a cold and very effective too.


Whether you’re suffering from anxiety as a result of the pandemic uncertainty or Christmas is a season where you usually feel a little stressed, 20 minutes in your hot tub could turn things around. Try stargazing at night or finding a quiet five minutes first thing in the morning - your hot tub can be a sanctuary where you can have a few precious moments of calm away from the intensity of the world.

Go all out for Christmas

Christmas could be an unusual affair this year but you can still make it festive by going all out when it comes to your garden and hot tub. Create a stylish festive aesthetic with fairy lights wound around trees and have drinks and nibbles on floating trays. Or you could install lights and an entertainment system as well as a garden full of colourful light displays.

These are just some of the reasons to make sure you use your hot tub in winter this year.

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