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Why should you consider a swim spa?

There are many good reasons to consider a swim spa, whether that’s for therapeutic purposes, health and fitness or relaxation and wellness. These cleverly designed mini pools provide a range of opportunities to enhance your current lifestyle from the comfort of your own home. You don’t need to have any particular expertise – or a specific level of fitness – to use one and you can start to enjoy the benefits straight away.

How does a swim spa work?

Swim spas are designed with powerful jets inbuilt that provide a current for you to swim against. So, you don’t actually move within the swim spa itself but the resistance provided by the jets means that you can swim as far as you want. You can also set the strength of the resistance to suit your physical needs, enjoying an intense workout or a gentle swim that offers effective therapy.

Why should you consider a swim spa?

  • You can swim at home. For most people the idea of having a full sized pool at home simply isn’t feasible. The costs of installation and maintenance can be high and most gardens just won’t accommodate one with any room to spare. A swim spa is much easier to find a space for, simpler to maintain and provides you with the opportunity to swim on a daily basis.
  • Swimming is full body exercise. Swimming for just 30 minutes a week can provide a boost to your body in terms of both cardiovascular exercise and muscle toning. Swimming uses almost every muscle in the body and is a great way to burn calories. It’s also low impact, which means it’s much gentler on your joints than running or using the gym.
  • A simple stress reliever. Exercise is a great way to help relieve stress but exercise in water is even more effective. Research has found that swimming for just 20 minutes a couple of times a week can help to significantly reduce stress levels, bring blood pressure down and release feel good hormones into your system.
  • The benefits of hydrotherapy. Human beings have been using hydrotherapy for centuries to help improve wellness and aid recovery. A swim spa is a very easy way to access this, whether you’re looking to ease tired muscles or recover from an injury. Warm water helps to boost circulation and increased blood flow around the body has all kinds of benefits, from minimising the pain from chronic conditions to rehabilitation. If you’re in water that is warmer than 28 degrees then you’ll also enjoy a detoxification effect and this can help to make the immune system more effective at collecting and removing toxins from the body. Spending time in a swim spa can also be ideal if you’re embarking on a new exercise regime, helping to ease soreness and provide an opportunity to keep moving on slower days.

These are just some of the reasons why now is the ideal time to consider a swim spa for your home.

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