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Winter is Just Around The Corner! Know the Benefits of Using a Sauna In Winter 2022

Even though the recent weather has been unseasonably warm, we all know that Winter is coming. The clocks have changed and we’re set for darker evenings, shorter days as well as that inevitable temperature drop. There are lots of ways to prepare yourself, physically and mentally, for this kind of change - and integrating a sauna into your routine in Winter 2022 is one of the most effective. These are some of the key benefits of doing this.

  • Spending time in a sauna can boost your mood. This is the time of year when it can become really challenging to stay cheerful, especially if you’re someone who struggles with the loss of natural light or something like Seasonal Affective Disorder. When you regularly schedule in some sauna time you can help to minimise the impact of this - the effect of the sauna will be to release endorphins into your system, which is the body’s happy hormone. This can boost your mood and help you to switch off and relax. If you struggle with energy at this time of year the sauna can be beneficial there too, as people who regularly use a sauna tend to notice that their energy levels are higher.
  • A general boost to overall wellbeing. It can feel harder to look after ourselves in the winter, as there is less motivation to go outside and exercise and plenty of temptation around when it comes to party season food and drink. Although a sauna is never going to be a replacement for a lifestyle that is built on healthy levels of activity and a varied diet, it can certainly help you to stay on track where general wellbeing is concerned. That’s because the sauna will make you sweat. Sweating will help to remove any toxins from your system and make you feel refreshed. It also boosts your circulation, which can have a very positive impact on your heart and general wellbeing. So, as part of a healthy routine, a sauna can be a great way to give your wellbeing the boost it needs in Winter 2022.
  • Minimising the seasonal challenges. This is the time of year when many of us suffer with colds, flu and generally feeling rundown. Regular time in a sauna has been found to strengthen the immune system so it can actually protect against getting sick in the first place. If you do find yourself unwell then a sauna can help provide some relief. The high temperature in the sauna will clear the sinuses and make it easier to breathe. Plus, the heat can also help to slow down the progression of viruses and give your body a break. So, using a sauna this winter could help you enjoy a better seasonal experience and recover more easily if you do get sick.

From improved mood to a boosted immune system, easier recovery and better overall wellbeing, using a sauna in Winter 2022 has many benefits. With a range of traditional and soft options as a modular sauna that allows you to customise the shape, size and design of your sauna and a large variety of ready-made saunas we are sure that we can find the right model for you. Get in touch with a member of our expert team today to discuss our 0% APR Finance options and for more information about our extensive range of saunas and steam rooms.

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