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8 Reasons to Use Your Sauna This Summer

had some high temperatures, with more to come. So, is this really the best time to use your sauna? Here are 8 good reasons why the answer is yes, summer is a great time to use your sauna.

1. Supporting heat acclimatisation

Especially if you struggle in the heat, a sauna can be a very useful tool for acclimatising to this temperature change. Spend 20 minutes in a 195 degree sauna and the British summertime isn’t going to feel as hot or unbearable afterwards.

2. Therapeutic relaxation

Whether you have sore joints and muscles from summer workouts, or a long-term condition like arthritis, being in a sauna will help to provide some relief. It will physically relax your body and put your mind at ease.

3. Accessing endorphins

Feel good hormones are important for our mental health and spending time in a sauna every day is a simple way to access them. In fact, studies have found that you’ll get the same burst of endorphins from being in a sauna as you would from a mini workout.

4. Higher quality skin

One of the most powerful impacts of a sauna is that it will boost your circulation. This can have a myriad of positive effects on the skin, from helping to remove dead skin cells to increasing elasticity in the skin, relaxing facial muscles and detoxing impurities.

5. Easing away the stress of the day

Even when the sun is shining we can still feel stressed - in fact, summer holidays, dealing with the heat and the pressure of being half way through the year are just some of the reasons why we can feel extra stressed at this time of year. Taking time out in your sauna can provide a break from daily pressures, somewhere to switch off and unwind.

6. Helping you feel physically good

Time in a sauna will cause your heart rate to rise and give your metabolism a kick, which can promote higher levels of calorie burning. It can also help you to reduce the water weight that many of us carry around at this time of year.

7. Relief from inflammation and pain

One of the reasons saunas are so popular is because they can help with inflammation and pain almost anywhere in the body. The relaxing effect of the heat helps your body to release tension that can be the cause of pain. Plus, it will boost blood circulation, which can instantly reduce painful feelings.

8. Helping you avoid summer colds

Time in a sauna will boost the immune system by encouraging the body to produce white blood cells in response to the impact of the heat on the body. These white blood cells help to fight off bugs and infections. Plus, if you already have a cold, a sauna can help to clear your sinuses and help you breathe again.

Despite the sunny weather, there are some very good reasons to use your sauna this summer. With a range of traditional and soft options as a modular sauna that allows you to customise the shape, size and design of your sauna and a large variety of ready-made saunas we are sure that we can find the right model for you. Get in touch with a member of our expert team today to discuss our 0% APR Finance options and for more information about our extensive range of saunas and steam rooms.

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