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Why a Hydropool Hot Tub is Perfect for Those on a Budget

The cost of running a hot tub is one of the most common concerns for anyone who is keen to buy one. The answer to the question “how much does it cost to run a hot tub” will depend on the type of hot tub that you go for. Some hot tubs are much more efficient and can help to keep costs down while others will be more expensive. If you’re on a budget then there are some good reasons why a Hydropool hot tub is likely to be the perfect fit.

What do you need to think about when it comes to running costs?

There are a number of different factors that will affect how much it costs to run a hot tub, including:

  • How frequently you’re planning to use the hot tub - obviously, the more use that it’s going to get, the more energy it is likely to consume.
  • What kind of insulation does the hot tub have? There are three areas where this is especially key: the cover (which should fit well), insulation around the shell base and also the plumbing system.
  • How much water you use in the hot tub. The more water, the more energy will be required to heat it.

Why is a Hydropool hot tub perfect if you’re on a budget?

If you’re keen to keep your costs down then choosing the right hot tub in the first place can make all the difference. Hydropool hot tubs are designed with the latest technology and the most efficient operation so as to ensure that you spend far less than you might with another model of hot tub. It’s worth remembering that not all hot tubs are made equal when it comes to efficiency and costs. Here are two ways in which Hydropool is actually designed to help you keep your costs down:

  1. Superior insulation. If you invest in a Hydropool hot tub then you’re getting two layers of insulation, which is designed to both protect the shell and also to retain the heat. This is not the industry standard and many hot tubs have just a single layer of insulation, which can be very problematic in terms of increasing the amount of energy required to heat the hot tub. Hydropool’s Hydrowise Heat shield cover and thermal blanket shield will reflect heat back into the hot tub, rather than letting it escape - as well as keeping the cold out.
  2. Excellent pump efficiency. Many hot tubs need to run their pumps 24 hours a day, which can be eye-wateringly expensive. A Hydropool hot tub only requires 6-8 hours a day for self-cleaning filtration - and you can set this to run during off-peak hours to save even more. With a self-cleaning hot tub like this you can also avoid the cost and expense involved in draining and refilling the hot tub several times a year.

From insulation to pump efficiency and a better designed cover, these are some of the reasons why a Hydropool hot tub is perfect for those on a budget. We offer servicing and post-sales care for all of our customers to make sure that our customers get the best out of their hot tub. We are proud to have a multi-award-winning showroom located in Kent, so please come down and try out our huge range

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