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Hydropool AquaSport Swim Spa

GB Olympic Swimmers train at home in their Hydropool self cleaning swim spas.

Best Seller

Hydropool AquaSport 17AX

One of the most popular Swim Spas across all ranges. The AquaSport 17AX comes equipped with Self-Clean mode, HydroClean floor vacuum, programable filtration cycles, underwater LED lighting for safety (also providing a wonderful light show), an Aquacord Swim Tether for exercise assistance and 15 therapy jets all within the one SwimSpa. Read more >

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AquaSport 17AX

Full Range - Hydropool AquaSport Swim Spas:

Hydropool AquaSport 14AX

Combining exercise, massage therapy and affordability all in one! Two core stream jets ensure a smooth swim at your desired exercise level while multiple hydrotherapy massage jets in the seating area deliver total relaxation. Read more >

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AquaSport 14AX

Hydropool AquaSport 19DTAX

The ultimate back yard aquatic center with 4 full seats, a large swim tank and dual temperature settings plus core stream jets, LED lighting and safety steps, the AquaSport 19 DTAX is a hot tub, gym, swimming pool all in one. Read more >

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AquaSport 19DTfX