Swim Spa Packages

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The Sunningdale Package - Starting from £27,110.00

Sunningdale Gazebo

This stunning 4m x 3m wooden gazebo

12ft Aquaplay Swim Spa

This 12ft Aquaplay swim spa in Silver Marble and Driftwood

The Woodstock Package - Starting from £39,995.00

Woodstock Gazebo

This 6m x 4m wooden louvre gazebo

14ft Self Cleaning Swim Spa

This 14ft Self Cleaning swim spa in Alpine Mist and Cedar with 24” exercise bar

The Cambridge Package - Starting from £56,500.00

Cambridge Gazebo

This spacious, insulated wooden gazebo with single glazed windows and bi-fold doors

17ft AquaSport Swim Spa

This 17ft Aquasport in Silver Marble and Midnight upgraded with the Vegas Package