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Frequently Asked Questions

Hot Tub FAQs

Our hot tubs range from around £4350. All of our hot tubs are available to purchase over a period of time using finance if required. Price is dependent on size, upgrade options, and packages you would like to include.

Our Softtubs are the most energy efficient hot tubs to run, costing a mere 60-70p a day. Our Hydropool self-cleaning and Serenity hot tubs are built with exceptional insulation and statistically have one of the lowest running costs of any hot tub in the world. One of our layers of insulation is similar to what NASA uses in its space jackets to keep astronauts warm in -290 degrees space. We also have other layers of insulation such as our double thermal shield which racks all four sides of the hot tub and the base, keeping heat in and the cold out. Our bespoke hot tubs are proudly built here in the UK, crafted by hand to ensure they withstand our cold British winters.

Hot tubs are used all year round by our customers. We often hear that clients enjoy using them more in winter as they can have the temperature higher. This is more of a reinvigorating experience. In the warmer months, our clients tend to cool the temperature so it’s more like a warm swimming pool. In summary, our hot tubs are bought and used 12 months a year.

If you like the idea of a relaxing massage after a long day, a social place for you and your friends, an oasis in your garden, and aromatherapy, then yes, a hot tub is perfect for you. We often have people buy our hot tubs to benefit from the fantastic Hydrotherapy massage. Hydrotherapy benefits are proven to boost your immunity, help ward off colds and flu, and make you feel better by releasing endorphins (the happy hormone). We also have a growing number of 40 clients who benefit from their muscles recovering quicker after exercise. It is also interesting to note that our hot tubs are recommended by the Diabetes Association, the Arthritis Association and the Sleep Association. Hot tubs have been shown to relax, rejuvenate and heal your body and mind.

  • Our Hydropool self-cleaning hot tubs are the easiest hot tub to maintain, cleaning out 100% of the water in only 15 minutes.
  • Our automatic dosing systems slowly feed the correct amount of water treatment into your spa. We also have inbuilt floor vacuum cleaners to remove any debris from the base of the spa. Less time cleaning, more time to relax and unwind.
  • Using our safety covers will benefit you even more when keeping the warmth in during the wintertime.

It’s always better to be able to talk to industry specialists with a wealth of knowledge gained through working in the wellness sector for many years. As industry leaders, The Hot Tub and Swim Spa Company, have been around for over 35 years, and won many awards. Our in-depth expertise and customer care ensures we will look after you and your purchase in the many years to come. We carry over 90% of spare parts in stock and two of our engineers have won UK hot tub engineer of the year in the last 6 years.

We have been told so yes! Obviously, it depends on the potential purchaser but who wouldn’t want a self-cleaning hot tub?

  • Not only is a hot tub a lot less maintenance, and better value for money, but hot tubs also come with upgrades, packages, equipment, and systematically placed jets to be able to target your muscles, aches and pains.
  • Hot tub temperatures can be turned up or down to fit your need during winter and summer with just a touch of a button.
  • It gives you more time to relax with family and friends, and minimizes stress.
  • Our hot tubs are extremely energy efficient and cost considerably less than a swimming pool to run.

It is recommended that hot tub water is changed every 10-12 weeks, however, because of the efficiency and effectiveness of our self -cleaning system, our clients often benefit from the water remaining cleaner for longer.

This totally depends on the hot tub you purchase. We sell hot tubs that range from 13-32 AMP. We would always recommend a qualified electrician carries out your electrical installation and certifies it ahead of your hot tub being installed.

Our range of Affordable Luxury hot tubs and Softtubs allow you to do this, yes. We would however recommend it is a waterproof socket suitable for outdoor usage.

Our hot tubs are designed to be used 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We find it much more energy efficient to set the temperature at your ideal heat and then the hot tub will maintain that for you.

Low maintenance, health benefits, less stress, reduce pain and inflammation, better muscle recovery, better sleep, less headaches, and a lot more that you can find on our website, or our YouTube channel.

Yes. Hot tubs are made and designed for the purpose of being able to use all year round, whatever the weather.

Here at THTASSC, we install inground, overground, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, wherever you can imagine it, we’ll make it happen. Therefore, our hot tubs are safe to put anywhere near the house if required. We also offer gazebos, retractable decking and more enclosures which can be found on our website and can be created specifically for your hot tub and swim spa space.

We sell manufacturer approved chemicals. This ensures the quality is consistent and the chemical composition is safe for you and your family. They are also concentrated which means you can use less off them to treat your spa water.

  • Hot tubs prevent illnesses, stress, improve wellbeing and relaxation.
  • The specifically placed jets will give you a targeted or all-round massage to improve your muscle relaxation and strain, which will reduce long term problems.
  • - Not only will you find yourself more relaxed, but you’ll also find yourself building stronger connections with your family and friends.

Once you have chosen your hot tub, we will carry out a totally free site survey. We will assess how to get the spa in. If additional lifting equipment is needed, e.g., a pump truck or crane, we will happily organise this on your behalf. Our standard delivery and installation include our highly trained engineers, bringing your hot tub to your home and installing it. We manage and oversee all crane installations.

We only sell the highest quality and most reliable hot tubs in the world. We are not affiliated to or owned by any brand, which means we have chosen and continue to choose the most trusted partners and suppliers to work with, ensuring your complete satisfaction. We have clients that have owned our hot tubs for 20 years! We carry a full accompaniment of spares in stock for when the time comes to need replacement, covers, pillows, filters, etc, in many years’ time.

Our Hydropool self-cleaning Platinum ranges have had the highest investment of research and development money. The more jets the better – isn’t always true. Some inferior quality manufacturers will put a huge volume into jets in their spa but will either underpower the pump or have too many similar style jet facies. There is an optimum balance between power, jet design and targeted location to ensure you receive the best body massage experience and body benefit. Read more about our facies massage in our brochure

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Swim Spa FAQs

  • If you love exercise and swimming, then you’ll love our swim spas. Not only can they combine fun with your favourite exercise activities, but the jets also allow you to relax after your hard work, making it an aquatic centre for friends & family to enjoy.
  • Features such as the wave pool are ideal for children, and the downloadable fitness programmes are great for everyone of all strengths and levels.

Typically, our clients replace the water in its entirety once a year. You may want to replace a few inches of water 2-3 times a year, and remember in the warmer months your water will evaporate and kids will splash some of the water out, so you may need to top it up more regularly.

A swim spa offers much more flexibility when compared to a pool. Not only is it smarter, with more advanced technology, including the current to swim against, but it also ensures endless laps.

You can control how fast you swim with a touch of a button, and an adjustable current speed. This is beneficial, as some days you will be feeling more energetic than others, and it ensures the whole family can enjoy the swim spa. For those wanting to train in a swim spa, or swim at higher speeds, we would recommend the Trainer models. These have a digital in water control screen, which allows you to track time, distance travelled, calories burnt, etc. These can be accompanied with our smart goggles:

Our range in sizes goes up to 19foot, which is ample size for a big family or party! In our bespoke range of swim spas, you can use any size you like. We have sold a few 7metre by 3metre swim spas for those with larger gardens.

Our range from about 6,535kg to 10,412kg.

We recommend looking no further. We offer huge ranges that are guaranteed to meet exactly what you are looking for. We have over 31 types of swim spas.

Yes, we are frequently told our swim spas enhance the value and saleability of properties. If you move home, your swim spa can also be re-located with you. However, a lot of people would choose to sell their home and swim spa with it and buy a new one bespoke to a new house! You’re swim spas can be sunk, semi-sunk or inground, and we can carry out additional construction or landscaping work for you, such as decking, patio slabs and planting trees.

Here at THTASSC, we install inground, overground, indoor and outdoor swim spas, wherever you can imagine it, we’ll make it happen. Therefore, our swim spas are safe to put anywhere near the house if required. We also offer gazebos, retractable decking and more enclosures which can be found on our website and can be created specifically for your hot tub and swim spa space.

Warm water breeds bacteria more than cooler water. Our filtration and cleaning systems ensure that the water is being effectively moved around the spa and though the filtration and cleaning systems regularly. It is, however, crucial to have a low-level sanitiser in the water to keep bacteria at bay. The cheapest and most effective is chlorine, however we always recommend Bromine or O’Care.

We guarantee every part of the product, so you have peace of mind that the quality and reliability of the products are second to none. Outside of the warranty, we also carry a large selection of pumps and spare parts. Typically, replacement parts start at a few hundred pounds, depending on the brand.

We guarantee every single part of the product, both parts and labour, with no fine print. This provides total peace of mind. Choose the product you’re interested in, and we’ll gladly send you all the documentation.

All of our hot tubs can arrive with an insulating lockable cover. Typically, these are tapered, meaning they are thicker in the middle and slightly thinner towards the edges, to ensure the rain rolls off the cover more easily, allowing the cover to last longer. We have a range of other covers available to ensure your family’s safety. These include; key operated or remote-controlled safety covers and walk-on decked covers. Our convenient safety covers are an automatic four season cover that completely covers and secures your swim spa, hot tub or swimming pool. Our all-weather covers combine the performance of hydraulic motors with extremely durable materials and brilliant manufacturing techniques: rust proof anodised aluminium rails and UV protected fabric. The power from the hydraulic motors makes opening your swim spa, hot tub or pool incredibly quick and easy - less than 1 minute for a large 9m pool. The cover also prevents all access to water, even around the edges, thus, reducing water loss by evaporation, chemical loss and heat loss. Over the years this will add up to quite a sizeable saving! The decking is the ultimate cover solution for your swim spa - maximising on not only space but also insulation. These aesthetically pleasing covers are built to size and are able to take the weight of 4 adults, plus a small table and chairs on top, ensuring that space is not compromised when fitting your swim spa. All work can be carried out by our experienced inhouse construction team, alternatively, we are happy to work with your own builders and landscapers. These covers are finished with any synthetic or real wood decking of your choice, leaving you with the garden finish of your dreams. Our covers have the option to be manually opened or electronically opened via a remote control. If budgets permit, we also have other options.

We have a range of stunning colours to choose from to suit your taste. We will also always part-exchange any spa you buy from us in the many years ahead. Allowing you to buy a different product in a different colour if you wish.

Here at THTASSC, we install inground, overground, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, wherever you can imagine it, we’ll make it happen. Therefore, our hot tubs are safe to put anywhere near the house if required. We also offer gazebos, retractable decking and more enclosures which can be found on our website and can be created specifically for your hot tub and swim spa space.

  • Look for a swim spa that fits you and your family’s preference, height, and the number of people you have in your family, or like having round.
  • For example, the 19DTAX AquaTrainer seats 5 people. If you were a sociable family with children as well, the added hot tub section as well as the swim spa would be ideal for every occasion. However, if you prefer your personal time to be centred around exercise, the 19EX ExecutiveSport would be ideal as it seats 2 people, but will still comfortably fit with exercise requirements. You should also consider heights in your family, and sizes.

Ours start from £18,995, depending on added upgrade options, packages and installation system you may require.

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Sauna FAQs

Any loose-fitting items of clothing or swimwear. We recommend sitting on a towel to preserve the look of the wood, and towels will allow your skin to breathe freely. Some people choose not to wear any clothes.

Saunas are not the number one secret for weight loss; however, it can help lose a couple of pounds here and there due to the sweating. Saunas increase blood flow around your body by raising your core temperature, increasing your heart rate and making you sweat. They are well known for their detoxification and wellbeing benefits. Please consult your doctor or specialist if you have any heart conditions, or particularly high or low blood pressure.

Yes. The sweat and heat opens pores, flushing out toxins and impurities. This will benefit your skin in the short and long term.

The answer depends on what you are trying to achieve! We are finding Infra-red saunas are increasingly popular for those wishing to detoxify, beautify and aid sports recovery. Our soft saunas come with Tylo combi heaters, which let you control the type of sauna experience you want with our smart and automated sauna technology and steam generation. We can help you design the perfect Soft Sauna experience today.

Due to the risk of dehydration, the recommended time to sit in a sauna would be 15-20 minutes. Real sauna lovers may be used to enjoying 3 x 15-minute sessions interspersed by cold showers, ice baths or putting their feet in cold water to cool down their core body temperature dramatically before enjoying their second or third session. Allow plenty of time to rest and cool down before using the sauna again, essentially this is healthily shocking your body into an immune response.

This it totally up to your personal preference and mood! Some people really enjoy both. The wellness experience is dramatically difference in each product, so relax and enjoy!

If you wipe sweat whilst in the sauna, you’ll find yourself sweating more! However, it’s up to you.

Reduced stress levels and greater relaxation, improved muscle and joint recovery, flushing out toxins, burning calories, increasing the metabolic rate, plus, circulation and improvements in sleep.

Experts recommend using a sauna three times (maximum) a week to gain the full benefits. We would not say there is a maximum number of days a week to use a sauna, as long as you stay hydrated throughout - the more the merrier!

We’d recommend removing any dirt or makeup before getting in a sauna. Get into the sauna for a couple of minutes to start opening your pores, get out and gently exfoliate and rinse, then feel free to use a face mask in the sauna. As your pores start to open and clean out toxins, the face mask is expended and is more likely to provide benefits for your skin afterwards. Please consult your dermatologist for more in-depth information or medical advice!

Saunas are a natural way to diminish wrinkles and fine lines, but it cannot prevent them from coming back in the future.

Due to the infrared light, you may end up feeling tired as it is made to release endorphins-making you feel relaxed and well rested. Make sure you drink plenty of water before, during and after your sauna as any exposure to heat can dehydrate you.

You should use a sauna after a workout. This is because saunas can stimulate muscle growth, joint recovery and relaxation. It will also cleanse your skin from the sweat generated by the workout. We are finding more and more sports professionals and athletes are using heat to warm up their muscles and joints before exercise. A residential infrared sauna is superb because the time it takes to heat up is very quick.

Having a home sauna allows you to feel comfortable when you’re relaxing. You don’t feel any pressure to talk to others or any judgement on what you wear - it’s a safe environment for you and the family. Moreover, having one at home is convenient, and you’re more likely to regularly get the benefits out of it. Knowing that it is aiding your mental health and overall wellness should make an in-house sauna a quick and simple decision.

Start at the beginning. Choosing to buy from and work with a reputable company will ensure your purchase and long-term customer service is secure. Does your retailer have a sauna or steam room in their showroom? This is important as it indicates that they believe in and invest in the products that they are selling. More investments often equal greater expertise and customer care. Lastly, ensure the brand of sauna or steam room are well recognised and the quality of the components are second to none. Your sauna should be guaranteed and be able to be serviced by the company you buy from. Cheap isn’t always best, as it often means you are missing something in terms of build quality or retailer support. You only buy one, as a long-term investment - so purchase mindfully!

Yes, you can have a tempered glass window which will be able to withstand any cracks due to the temperature. The window must be closed when the sauna is on, and it must be tempered using specific safety glass.

You shouldn’t really need to clean your sauna. If you protect the wood by sitting on a towel, it will keep the wood clean and the high heat should keep the sauna sanitised. Make sure you regularly ventilate both the sauna and the room it’s in with fresh air.

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Steam Room FAQs

Due to the humidity level being at 100%, a steam room is great for lungs, and people with coughs benefit enormously from steam rooms because of this. Steam rooms hydrate and improve the skin, boost your immune system, burn calories, loosen stiff joints, clear congestion, and reduces stress.

A steam room requires minimal clothing, whatever you’re comfortable in.

it is not advisable to take in any electrical equipment into a sauna or a steam room.

Yes - the sweating and increased heart rate is great for prolonging the burning of calories and it helps with relaxation and the recovery process.

The heat from both saunas and steam rooms makes you sweat, relieving your body from toxins, and improving your wellbeing, mentally and physically.

If you buy a quality sauna/steam room, these should last a lifetime. Our products quality and our reliable suppliers ensure that the product is guaranteed for parts, service and labour.

100% humidity and around 45 degrees.

For commercial steam room installations - yes, it is imperative to have proper ventilation. In a residential environment this is not as common because of the considerably lower level of usage. After your session it is important to ventilate the room to remove moisture and prevent mould and mildew with fresh air. Any steam room used for more than two-hour sessions at a time should include ventilation. If the steam room is ventilated it needs to be ventilated to the outside.

A steam room has a humidity level at 100%, whilst a sauna has a higher temperature, but lower humidity. Steam in a steam room is produced by a steam generator using boiling water which keeps the humidity levels high, whilst heat in a sauna is generated by a sauna heater and uses hot rocks or a stove. The sauna heater/stove can also be used to splash water on for instant bursts of humidity.

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